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CafePress Yoga Mat

I recently received this cute pink Yoga Mat from CafePress to review.  Every since it has been a struggle between myself and my daughter as to who it "belongs" to.  Let me point out my daughter is only 4 and has no idea what Yoga even is.  She thinks this is a play mat for her and her Littlest Pet Shop toys so she can sit on something soft instead of the hardwood floors.  Well, being a mommy I am of course used to compromise. So as of now we are sharing the mat.  She gets to use it during the day while I am working, then I get to use it in the evenings for exercising.  Who would have thought something so simple would bring such joy to a little girls day.  : ) I guess there are things to be learned from the little ones in our lives, they see things through such different visions and can come up with the neatest ideas and uses for everyday things in our lives.

CafePress has the such a wide variety of unique and custom gifts. I had no idea how many different categories of products they even had until I started browsing around their website.  They even have a section of just Customizable gifts, maybe someday I'll get me some Mom in Training items for giveaways!

Buy it:  You can find this Love Yoga Mat and other unique gifts at CafePress.
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