Wednesday, October 21

Get a FREE Junior Explorers adventure kit!

Junior Explorers is an award-winning subscription program that teaches kids all about wildlife and nature. Kids receive a kit in the mail every month which sends them on a virtual adventure to a new ecosystem to learn about the animals that live there. Junior Explorers' adventure kits contain fun collectibles like wristbands, pins, figurines, and activity books to prepare kids for their mission. A secret code inside the kit unlocks Junior Explorers' online adventure, where kids play fun learning games to solve a mystery in nature. Junior Explorers is appropriate for kids ages 5-11.

Get you FREE Junior Explorers adventure kit by using code: FREEOCT


  1. This is so cool because it teaches kids all about wildlife and nature and that is what I like myself. This would be a great Holiday gift for my nephew and niece!

  2. This is such a great idea!