Stacy Talks & Reviews: Shapewear for Summer Work Attire: Stay Cool and Confident All Day

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Shapewear for Summer Work Attire: Stay Cool and Confident All Day

Shapewear is for all occasions and seasons. When it is about your work look during the summers, it’s possible to wear a layer of seamless body shaper without compromising your comfort. 

You must check out Feelingirl for pieces that will be perfect for your office clothes in the hot season. Let’s find out how to make the right pick. 

1. Choose the Basics

We all know an office look is not fancy even if you love to dress up gorgeously. For the office, it is pretty basic with neutral colors and simple fabrics. No flashy shades, fancy fabrics and over-the-top styles. 

So, choose some basic shapewear from Feelingirl that will maintain your comfort and help you beat the heat. Select colors that are neutral – whites, beige, and skin tones. Similarly, avoid lacy pieces and go for as simple as possible. Remember, you are picking undergarments for a long day at work and not for a few hours at some party. 

2. Cool off with Breathable Fabrics

It’s a morning to evening shift at the office. So, you definitely need clothes that are not going to make you end up with skin rashes or blisters because of the heat and moisture. This is when you choose breathable fabrics.

Shapewear that’s made with breathable material makes sure that air keeps circulating around every inch of your body. Even if you are wearing a snuggly piece, your skin won’t be irritated because the ventilation will be good all day long.

3. Style up your Shapewear 

Go for a tummy control shapewear bodysuit that can also be your top. So, you’ll be able to maintain minimum layers.

You can pull over a jacket for a formal look in the morning. Just take it off as the day gets hotter and uncomfortable. So, you are going to feel light and cool so easily!

4. Target the Problem Areas

You don’t have to go for a full length shapewear for your office look. You can choose to simply cover the problem area. Usually, it’s the tummy area that needs shapewear. There are also other pieces that you can try out for target areas.

The benefit of doing so will be that you’ll make your problem areas smoother, shapely, and slimmer. Plus, it’s a great way of staying comfortable as the rest of your body feels relaxed and free.

5. Choose from Coverage Options

Shapewear from Feelingirl can give you as much coverage as you want. Try a full bodysuit underwear or a shorter one. Just pick what makes you feel more comfortable and easy.

6. Seamless for Comfort 

Seamless pieces are also a great option for your work look. Everything looks smooth and you get to stay comfortable all day long. So, choose your bodysuits or other kinds of shaper garments that come without seams. 

Final Thoughts

An office look is quite basic and needs simple shapewear. So, go for the basics, but keep in mind your comfort. There are many types of pieces that can help you look great at your office without going for a fancy or uncomfortable look.
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