Stacy Talks & Reviews: 5 Types Of Underwear Every Woman Should Own

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5 Types Of Underwear Every Woman Should Own


It’s time to talk about underwear. While some of us don’t put much thought into, what we wear under our clothes matters. Certain underwear can be better for certain situations - providing more comfort or simply providing a more flattering look. Below are the five types of underwear that every woman should own in their wardrobe.

Everyday underwear

This is your standard underwear for everyday wear. Ideally it should be comfortable and robust enough to be regularly washed without it getting damaged. Cotton is recommended because it’s breathable and natural - wearing any other material on a regular basis could lead to chafing or increase bacterial infections. 

When it comes to choosing comfortable panties, the type of style you choose is likely to be down to personal preference, but briefs and hipster styles tend to be a popular choice. With bras, there are endless styles to explore. If you want to prioritize comfort, it could be worth exploring wireless bras, however these may not be suitable for those who are large chested and need that extra support of a wired bra. 

Nude underwear

You can buy underwear in many different colors. It’s up to you what types of colors you prefer to wear, however having some nude colored underwear in your underwear drawer could be useful for wearing with certain outfits. With white shirts and thin dresses, most colors of underwear can often show through. Nude underwear is designed to match your skin tone and so shouldn’t be as visible. 


Those who are naturally slim or evenly curvy may not need this type of underwear. But for the rest of us, shapewear is a must-have undergarment for helping to flatten out those rolls and bulges. Different types of shapewear exist for different types of body types. High waisted underwear is typically designed to flatten the stomach and hips. Thigh slimmers are another type of underwear that focuses on shaping the thighs. Meanwhile, camisoles and bodysuits can bring a nice shape to your entire body. Shapewear should not be worn everyday as it can affect circulation and digestion - it is better to keep it for special occasions when you want to look your best in an outfit. 


Lingerie is underwear for the bedroom. The first lingerie was purely designed for making sleeping more comfortable, whereas today’s lingerie is often designed to be alluring and sexy. Common types of lingerie include thongs, chemises and lace bras. There are a lot of luxury lingerie brands out there to explore if you’re looking for something comfortable and robust. However, there are also a growing number of budget lingerie brands.

Sports underwear

Sports underwear is designed to be worn while doing sports or exercise. The most common example is the sports bra which is designed to provide more support to prevent movement and added breathability. Sports briefs are also popular and tend to provide added stretchiness and breathability to prevent chafing. Sports underwear has started to see growing popularity outside of the gym because of its comfort. However, it’s worth noting that sports bras and briefs can restrict circulation and therefore aren’t a healthy everyday option.

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