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5 Foods You Can Make At Home Easily

Everyone remembers the sourdough craze of the early days of the stay-at-home orders. People on social media were using their time at home to bake sourdough or other recipes they had been wanting to try but putting off.

However, things have returned to mostly normal; it can be worth getting back into the kitchen, trying new recipes, and making food that can help you have a healthy diet. Especially if you are concerned about your health, want to eat more wholesome foods, or simply cut down on your shopping bill.

If this sounds familiar, then these recipes can be exactly what you need and are perfect for everyone to try.


Making your own bagels is easier than you think and only takes a couple of hours. Fresh homemade bagels can be a lot tastier than store-bought counterparts and, once cooked, can store for up to three days. By baking your own bagel, you get to choose what toppings you use and ensure that you are getting everything you need from this delicious staple.


Burgers can be made at home easily with some ground lean beef or even chicken and some added flavorings. You can never mess around trying to create different styles of burgers, such as the popular Smash burger. If this fast-food favorite is something you enjoy but you're looking for healthier versions, you can find many burger recipes online, and you can recreate your favorite food at home without all of the excesses that go on it.


Making pastry is something that needs some time and practice to perfect, but once you get the hang of making your own pastry, then you can try your hand at whipping up some homemade pies at home. Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, pies are an excellent addition to your meal, and the best part is you can make them in advance and put them in the fridge or freezer to eat at a later date, so you have something homemade without having to grab something from the store.


Making your own pizza can be a delicious and healthy alternative to ordering one in. You can make your own pizza crust or use items such as wraps or flatbreads at the base and add your own toppings. There are no hard or fast rules about what you can put in a pizza; you can even add pineapple if that's your thing. However, it can be easier and cheaper, not to mention more nutritious, to make your own than buying store-bought or takeout.


There are so many curries you can make, and most of these dishes will store well for easy meals at a later date if batch cooking is something you are looking into. From a classic korma or tikka masala to Thai green curry, saag, or vindaloo, there are many recipes you can try to make at home to help you improve your skills and find some delicious foods that you can eat any day of the week without having to head out to enjoy them or buy store made versions.

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