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How To Have A More Active Vacation This Year

If you’re someone who loves to get outdoors or active on their vacation, then there are plenty of ways to make the most out of your next trip this year.

There’s nothing better than being somewhere new and getting the blood pumping. While it might not be for everyone - some may prefer a relaxed vacation - for others, staying active keeps it interesting.

There are lots of ways in which you can enjoy and have fun on vacation that’s sports-related or highly active. Keeping your days jam-packed might be just what you’re looking for in your next trip overseas or in the same country.

Here are some helpful tips on how to have a more active vacation this year and to make the most out of your time away.

Get organized with an itinerary

First and foremost, get organized when it comes to your itinerary. That means creating a plan for your vacation away, whether it’s a loose plan or one that dictates your day by the hour.

Everyone is different when it comes to getting organized with their itinerary, with some having a few suggestions of what to do in a bullet-point list. Others might prefer to set out their days so that they know exactly what they’re doing at every waking moment.

An itinerary is a great way to maximize the time you have available and what you intend to get up to. It’s easy to forget about all the plans or things you want to get up to, which is why having an itinerary in place is useful for those who are a little forgetful.

It’s good to be organized, especially if you’re vacationing somewhere that you’ve never been before. You may also be visiting a place that’s a once-in-a-lifetime visit, so being organized with this type of itinerary is essential.

Set your alarm to wake up earlier to maximize the day

Setting an alarm is a great way to help maximize the day because it’s very easy to sleep in when you’re on vacation. When you’ve also got jam-packed activity days planned, it might be even more of a temptation to snooze into the mid-morning.

With that in mind, try to set just one alarm as you may have a habit of hitting snooze if you have multiple alarms going off in the space of an hour. For some, you might want to set an alarm to wake you up at sunrise and for others, an alarm set for 7am or 8am might be early enough.

Remember, you only have a limited amount of time to enjoy your vacation, so make the most out of every day!

Do a morning workout

A morning workout is a great way of making the most out of your fitness when you’re vacationing. It’s a great opportunity to start the day on the right foot and there’s nothing better than working out while you’re on your vacation.

If you’re staying in a hotel that has a gym, consider taking your workout there. You might find that you want to head out for a morning run, which is always great for exploring the local area.

Morning workouts are a great opportunity to burn some calories and to help get your body actively burning calories for a few hours afterward. It makes indulging in the morning buffet a little easier.

Pack plenty of sportswear

In order to keep you motivated during your time away, pack plenty of sportswear. This is important because it helps ensure you’re making the most out of your intended sports vacation.

If you’re used to working out in your sweats at home, then it’s time to go shopping for some vacation wear. This is typical when it comes to going on vacation as it’s always nice to treat yourself to some new clothes for the occasion.

However, if you’re trying to be active-led when on your vacation this year, then it’s worth making a few investment purchases into fitness wear.

There are lots of great options out there but try to ensure you’ve got enough sportswear to cater to all the different types of sports you might get up to when you’re on vacation. Gymwear might not be the most appropriate choice for everything you do.

Try a new type of sport while abroad

When it comes to trying a new sport, there’s no better time than a vacation to do it. Think about trying out a new type of sport while abroad, like kayaking for example. If you’re staying next to somewhere that has a lot of lakes and water to explore, then you might want to brush up your knowledge ahead of time.

Some places might be known for certain sports activities, so it’s always good to try something new. Even if you don’t end up liking it, at least you can say you gave it a go.

You might also find unique sports that you don’t get yourself back at home, so it’s a great opportunity to try something that you might not be able to try again once you’re back from your vacation. 

Take part in a local sports club or group activity

While you’re over in the vacation spot, it’s useful to scope out some of the local sports clubs or group activities that might be going on while you’re there.

Whether that’s in the hotel you’re staying in or it’s a local club that encourages tourists and locals alike to join. Joining in on a local sports club or group activity might be just what you want when it comes to going away.

Who knows, you might make a few friends while you’re there, whether that’s fellow tourists from around the world, to the locals down the road. It’s a great way to socialize and connect with others who have the same love for the sport as you do.

Aim to hit a certain number of steps every day

To make the most out of your trip, especially if you’re looking to get active every day, aim to hit a certain number of steps every day. This is good if you’re not planning to take part in some form of sport or gym activity. Simply walking around is a great form of exercise and one that you probably won’t feel as much as other types of exercise.

This is also a great one for those who might not be as nimble as they once were when it comes to doing the more extreme or heavily movement-based sports.

A good number of steps to hit per day is around 10,000 but if you’re really fancying yourself a challenge, then consider doing 20,000 steps per day. You’ll certainly notice a big difference!

Focus on mental stimulation too

Mental stimulation is not so much a physical sport but it’s an active way of enjoying your vacation regardless. While relaxing and resting might be your ideal choice over a heavily active vacation, you might want to make use of the downtime to get the brain exercising too.

From doing crosswords on the beach to playing family cards or board games in the hotel room while waiting to go out for dinner, these are all great ways to get your brain stimulated!

Create a family or group challenge for the vacation

If you’re somewhat of a competitive family or group, depending on who you vacation with, why not set up a few healthy challenges along the course of your trip? These could be broken up into individual challenges or group challenges.

It can keep your vacation interesting and also encourages everyone to get a bit of fitness into their routine every day, even if they’re not particularly interested in exercising. For young kids, it’s a great way to encourage exercise but also create a bonding experience amongst your family or group. A few challenge examples could be:
  • The person who reaches the most steps in a day
  • Teams competing in multiple activities 
  • The person who did the most exercise during their trip
It’s little challenges like this that can keep sports interesting for even the smallest of kids and for those who perhaps would rather their exercise only be going to the bar and back.

Explore the area on foot rather than via public transport

A good way to make the most out of your activities while you’re vacationing is to avoid public transport. Not only is it good for ramping up your steps but it’s also useful when you’re wanting to see every aspect of the place you’re visiting. 

Try to explore more of the area on foot, rather than opting for public transport. Sometimes public transport might be needed if you’re on a time limit but for the most part, you might be able to get away with seeing everything on foot instead.

An active vacation is a great way to enjoy your holiday, especially if you’re someone who loves to exercise anyway. Make sure you use these tips to get the most out of your vacation this year.
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