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Types of Eyeglasses

The right type of eyeglasses will be dependent on two aspects - the most suitable pair of eyeglasses that fit your face nicely and the one that you need based on your lifestyle. You can get oversized glasses frames or small frames. You can get those with rims or those without ones. To help you decide on your next eyeglasses purchase, listed below are the types of eyeglasses that you may want to consider.

Types of Eyeglasses

When people speak of eyeglasses, they usually refer to the frames of the eyewear and not to the lenses themselves. Although there are still varieties of lenses that you can get, in this list, you will find the different types of lenses based on the frame that is used. 

Full-rimmed Frames

The first type of eyeglasses that you can get is the full-rimmed frames. These frames are characterized by rims that fully enclose the whole lens. This is actually the most common pair of eyeglasses that you can wear. Whether you have an active lifestyle or you just want to read a book all day, you can have full-rimmed frames as your next eyeglasses. People look at full-rimmed glasses as their go-to glasses mainly because of lens protection. Because the lenses are enclosed with full rims, you are sure that all sides of the lenses are protected by the plastic, metal, stainless steel, or titanium material that surrounds them. You can get small glasses or oversized glasses frames with full rims for your option. Either the small frames or the oversized ones can be stylish and elegant when perfectly chosen based on your face shape and needs.

Rimless Frames

Another option for eyeglasses that you can buy is the rimless frames. As the name implies, the frames of the eyeglasses do not have rims. This means that your eyeglasses will just be composed of the handles, temple tips, the nose bridge, and the nose pads. The lenses that will not be surrounded by rims on the whole circumference. Rimless frames are great for those people who want to look like they are not wearing eyeglasses. Because the rims can immediately tell that someone is wearing eyeglasses, the glasses can take the focus out of the eyes and on the eyeglasses themselves. If you want to have the whole package, you might as well get the anti-glare lenses so that no light is reflected on the lenses themselves. 

Semi-rimless frames

If you cannot decide whether to get the rimless or full-rimmed glasses, you can instead get the semi-rimless frames. This means that these frames have rims on top and no rims at the bottom of the lenses. These hybrid frames are very stylish and minimalist. They combine the durability of full-rimmed frames and the clean look of rimless glasses. Having semi-rimless frames also give a lot of personality to the wearer. 

Wire frames 

You may have seen these types of glasses before. They are classic wire frames that can be fashionable and mainstream. They are also lightweight and trendy. Most of these frames come in circular lens shapes.


There are many types of eyeglasses. They are made of different materials. You can get eyeglasses that are made of steel, titanium, or durable plastic. They also have different forms and shapes. You can get oversized glasses frames and you can have small glasses. Some have nose pads while others do not. With the types of glasses available in the market, all you have to do is to find the right one that fits your face well. Make sure to try them out and look at them through pictures to see determine the perfect one for your needs.
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