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Wedding Rings That Fit The Style Of Those Less Conventional

 You and your girlfriend are the life and soul of the group, with neither of you afraid to experiment with your appearance. This often receives admiration from fellow like-minded souls and curiosity from those with a less adventurous lifestyle.

It is somewhat of a shock to your friends when you announced that you will be getting married. It's obvious that you both love each other, but nobody really thought it would happen. You decide that the wedding is going to be a great party.

Why Do You Want Handmade?

Having already told guests to rock up as they would dress for a gig, the last thing you want is the norm. You want to be able to choose a wedding ring to your own design, and you wish it to reflect your attitude as well. Naturally, you would head over to reputable jewellers who specialize in handmade mens wedding rings Brisbane or the gentlemen in your city would envy them. Of course, you would want your wedding ring to match your bride’s ring. 

If you wanted a run-of-the-mill design, there are hundreds of jewellers you can head to. You would want one offering a great choice with a cool reputation. You wisely go to your chosen jeweller with plenty of time to allow for the process to take place and to consider what your budget allows. You may have envisioned yourself and your new wife touring around the state on a new motorbike, sporting rings with zirconium exteriors. 

How Do You Choose Your Wedding Band?

You are both guaranteed to stand out with your latest fashion statement, this time in the form of a wedding ring. You may not be someone who’s into trendy things and modern concepts. Perhaps you would want to start a trend yourself among your friends and choose black wedding rings, or at least add something of the color as a dominant piece on your rings. You could find a black gemstone to adorn it, or have some unique engraving. You could have these rings passed down through generations. In fact, there are those made from black quartz that has become part of family traditions for many.

Despite the public persona, you are totally dedicated to your bride to be and underneath your Goth exterior, you are a deep and thoughtful well-read man who knows that black could exhibit the intensity of your love, along with power, courage, and strength.

Choosing zirconium is a sensible, practical option for your lifestyle, as it is very a strong, malleable, and ductile metal which is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. In fact, it is perfect for a pair of hell raisers to be wearing with similar physical properties to those of titanium and ideal when continuing to explore the local Goth scene. It’s a great metal for your lady who has sensitive skin, as it is non-toxic and has the added quality of not scratching easily.

Heading to a quality award winning producer of handmade wedding bands allows you the freedom to show your independence and style. The reputable jeweller would help you come up with wedding rings that truly embodies you and your wife.
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