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A Guide To Spotting Fake Antique Rings

 If you are planning your engagement after a mutual agreement that the time is right to make the union official, you are now thinking about the engagement ring. Many women prefer antique diamond engagement rings and if you are worried about being scammed, here are a few ways that you can spot a fake.

  • Price - Those who sell replica antique and vintage jewellry are keen to sell their wares and, in most cases, the price will be low enough to be very attractive. If you are offered what looks like an Art Deco diamond engagement ring and the price is way below what you would expect, the chances are it is a replica. Skilled craftsmen can replicate a genuine piece of jewellry and the diamonds and other gemstones would not be natural. As a general rule, you should not buy from a person who approaches you; real antique dealers never do this.

  • Age - If a piece of jewellry is labelled ‘antique’, it is at least 100 years old and if a ring looks like new, this should set alarm bells ringing in your head. The gold or platinum should show signs of wear and look for hallmarks or stamps on the item. If you buy antique rings for sale Australia collectors or investors in your country go for, you can be sure that the ring is authentic and the dealer has a diverse collection of engagement rings.

  • Matching The Stone With The Setting - If the seller tells you this is a genuine diamond, then it should be in a suitable setting and very often, a fake uses the wrong setting and once you know that, it is harder to pull the wool over your eyes. If you are unsure about a specific engagement ring, ask a local antique dealer to inspect the piece and give you a professional opinion.

  • Check For Hallmarks - A genuine antique diamond ring would have some form of marking; 18k, for example, plus the maker usually leaves their unique mark somewhere. The sure-fire way is to let an antique dealer take a look; it doesn’t take long for the dealer to establish the authenticity of diamonds or other precious stones. The best place to acquire an authentic antique diamond ring is the antique dealer; a person with a reputation to uphold.

  • Gemstone Certification - If a diamond ring does not come with a GIA certificate, this is definitely unusual and the seller should submit the ring to have the gemstones graded. The Gem Institute of America is the major gemstone grading organization, while there are a few others.

If you buy an antique diamond engagement ring from a private seller on eBay, you can never be sure of authenticity, whereas, if you approach a reputable antique dealer, you know that all their pieces are genuine. Once you decide on a budget, you can start looking at antique diamond engagement rings and if you wish to have a private viewing, the dealer would be happy to welcome you to their premises.

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