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Gifts for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day just two months away now is a great time to get those ideas churning in your head when it comes to picking the right gift. Below you'll find lots of great ideas from gifts for moms that like cook, work out, relax, and more!

First up are two products from NESCO any mom that cooks would LOVE to have!

There is nothing better than eliminating extra appliances throughout your kitchen and pantry. The NESCO 9.5 Qt Smart Canner and Cooker provides you with the versatility of a dual system. It creates a perfect balance between safety, performance, and versatility and will soon become one of your favorite kitchen appliances. Designed to eliminate the common mistakes that cause harm or spoil food during the canning process, the Smart Canner & Cooker gives users uncompromised safety and peace of mind. With this two-in-one system she'll be able to cook her favorite recipes and save time while doing it. And she'll be able to can all those fresh veggies from the garden!

The NESCO VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer delivers in every aspect that a user needs when vacuum sealing their food. Perfect for organizing your freezer and food storage, the VS-12 will be your best friend when it comes to a fresh start in the kitchen. The 3 settings -Dry, Moist, and Double- paired with the custom vacuum pressure -Normal or Gentle- allow you to perfectly preserve your food every single time.

Help her create a soothing self-care routine during these cold winter months with Sea Witch Botanicals. Carrying an array of face, hair and under care helps rehydrate skin and hair as seasons change and endure the harsh, winter weather.

Fill your home with love with Holiday Haul Box. The themed subscription boxes are great for friends, moms and grandmoms who love to have their homes filled with seasonal decorations. This sister-owned business curates six to nine items per box including holiday decor, tableware, candles, linens, banners, ribbons, florals, treats, saches and dish towels.

YBell is the 4-in-1 fitness solution that combines a kettlebell, dumbbell, dual grip medicine ball, and push-up stand in just one piece of equipment. The YBell weight is a compact, portable piece of fitness equipment designed for ENDLESS WORKOUTS. These are the perfect gift for fitness enthusiast moms this year!

Weighted blankets put gentle pressure on your body to make you feel safe, comforted and relaxed. Everything a mom needs and deserves for all of her hard work. While they typically get their density from glass pearls, Sunday Citizen Weighted Blankets are also filled with thousands of pieces of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst that harness natural healing energy and make you feel amazing. Crystals are used in holistic healing to absorb and direct energies. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer; it relieves stress and soothes negative emotions. Clear quartz is considered to be the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify the vibrations of other crystals. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. Together, they press down on you and make you feel comforted while they also draw out negativity.

Available in your choice of a plush 100% microfiber or bamboo cover. (Bamboo cover also sold separately.)

This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift of better sleep! Thirdzy PM Recovery Collagen is a sleep-aid designed to help get the best quality sleep while joints and muscles are actively repairing. PLUS you get the sleep benefits of glycine. Priming mom to wake up energized and ready to take on her busiest days and toughest activities.

Naternal is a wellness CBD brand based out of North Carolina that's filled with useful products any mom would love. 

Soothe CBD Body Butter contains sunflower oil to nourish, shea and cocoa butter to smooth and soothe, and coconut oil to hydrate dry skin. With a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly, this natural CBD body cream provides optimal hydration without that greasy feeling. This rich formula is concentrated with a special combination of natural ingredients to promote healthy and radiant skin. 

Because sometimes counting sheep isn't enough... Wind-down and decompress with full spectrum Rest CBD+CBN Gummies. Specifically formulated with a 4:1 ratio of CBD to CBN to compliment your nighttime routine. Made with organic, vegan ingredients. Naturally flavored with blueberry and acai and contain 20mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN per gummy. We call it Rest.

Help mom organize her closet with a set of Litbear Clothes Storage Bins. With their large capacity they are big enough to store out-of-season clothes, king-size comforters, bedding, blankets, pillows etc., giving you a clean and orderly space. The storage boxes have sturdy stainless steel frames and solid bottoms, which help maintain full shape standing. Two storage containers can be neatly stacked to save space. And with see-thru windows you can always see exactly what's inside without having to open them.

izzo is the first 4-in-1 oral care system that includes more than just an electric toothbrush- it also has a polishing head and paste, scaler and a UVC sanitizing case that kills 99.9% of germs. Sign up for the subscription and never have to worry about replacing your toothbrush again. Perfect for busy mothers, working women, and anyone wanting a whiter smile. 

A waterproof wireless speaker from Gittit gives mom the freedom to listen to toons no matter where she is. Not only can she listen to her own sounds playing from any Bluetooth device but she can enjoy the option of having FM radio too. Built-in microphone for hands-free calling so when she listens to her favorite sounds in the shower, boat, by the pool, wherever- she will never miss a call.

The LuminAID is the perfect gift for Mother's Day! These little lanterns are fun and practical.  Perfect for anyone who likes to get outdoors and hike or camp, grill up a feast in the backyard, or just wants to be prepared in case of an emergency. Plus, LuminAID's new 2-in-1 Power Lantern models can charge your phone and other devices, too. There are no batteries needed -- just the sun! Great for camping, backyard fun, or emergency preparedness. If your mom likes any of those things, she'll be sure love her LuminAID lantern.

Say hi to moms new go-to toast topper, smoothie swirler, eat-it-on-a-spoon-er, instant pantry staple. A dependable and delicious nut butter made from the best ingredients Revival could get their hands on. No sugar, GMO, or palm oils, just nutrient-dense superfoods, sustainably sourced almonds, handmade hustle and a fun brand to back it up.

As much sweetness and love she provides, give the sweetness back with Skinny Mixes Ice Cream Collection Trio ($14.99). Skinny Mixes's syrup trio is the perfect way to show the matriarch of the family how loved they are, without the calories, sugar and guilt that traditional Mother’s Day brunch cocktails, coffees and treats include.

Brewed similar to tea, Steeped Coffee’s nitro sealed Steeped Bags achieve the unthinkable: freshly ground specialty coffee in a single-serving bag. STEEPED COFFEE® is the easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes. Take Your Moment — at home, work, or on the go. Steeped Single-Serve Coffee Bags are filled with 100% artisan roasted specialty coffee and are crafted for quality, convenience, and sustainability. Every proprietary Steeped Coffee Pack is pre-portioned, precision ground, and triple nitro-sealed for freshness within Guilt-Free Packaging that's fully compostable, making every cup ethically sourced, sustainable, and delicious.

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