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Keeping Loved Ones Safe in the Dark

As our loved ones age we often times find ourselves going from them having them take care of us to us taking care of them. And through that process we will learn a lot of useful information along the way. For instance that sometimes what may seem like a common day thing to us could mean a world of safety to them.

Take night lights for instance. To us they may have started out as something to "ward off the boogie man" when we were young children. That small beam of light that gave us a sense of security by being able to still see in our bedrooms at night as we fell asleep. Yes as a grown adult it does seem a little silly, but in childhood we convinced ourselves as long as we could still see that little beacon of light we were "safe".

Further down the line night lights stopped being a combat tool and turned into a way provide a little light to make our way to a light switch when coming home at night. And may have even helped us down a dark hallway to the bathroom at 3am when we abruptly awoke needing to use the potty. So whose to say we shouldn't put all of those uses for night lights (and others) to work when it comes to taking care of our loved ones? Especially those that have taken care of us over the years.

These types of things started crossing my mind as my grandmothers dementia and Alzheimer's symptoms progressed. It started out with her having a little more trouble than usual finding her way around the house as it got dark at night. Her sight and her mind weren't as alert as they once had been. And when she started having episodes of thinking she was a child herself again she actually woke up and was "scared" of the dark. That's when I remembered how having night lights helped me over the years. And that's also when I started my search for the "perfect night lights" to help her stay safe.

During my search I found these Vont Lyra LED Night Lights. They automatically come on as the natural lighting in a room diminishes - just when you need them! And they are bright enough to give you that safe, lighted path you need without being blinding. Since they are compact they only cover half of a dual wall outlet leaving you room to plug something else in above/below them. Oh yeah, and to top it off they are energy efficient and cost less than 60¢ per year to operate. Vont actually has a wide selection of home lighting options that you'll want to check out for even more lighting solutions.

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