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Lock Paper Scissors - Escape Room Kits

Transform any event into a mysterious escape room using a ready-to-play game kit. All of the fun. None of the stress. Lock Paper Scissors delivers Magical DIY Escape Room Kits You Can Play Anywhere.

Planning and hosting gatherings is alot of work. All of the organizing, food, drinks, invites, and entertainment can be physically and emotionally draining. That's not how it should be. Hosting your event should be fun for both your guests and yourself. The secret to making that possible is adding a fun activity. This gives everyone something to do other than small talk and checking their phones. That's where DIY Escape Room Kits from Lock Paper Scissors can save the day! (Wait... what is an escape room?)

Each Escape Room Kit features:

  • 1 hour of mysterious fun.
  • An enchanting theme to deck your place out.
  • Props and party invites to save you the hassle.
  • Themed background music to set the vibe.
It's time you started enjoying party planning as much as your guests will enjoy being there. Just scroll down to pick the DIY Escape Room kit that best fits your needs.

To get started you'll pick a kit that's fit for the crowd you're entertaining. Lock Paper Scissors has several games to choose from ranging from family fun to very hard. If you're not quite sure which kit will be the best fit use their handy kit selector on the website and that will help guide you in the right direction. Each kit includes pre-made puzzles, east to follow setup instructions, posters and invites, and the option to customize the game if you so choose.

Pretty cool, right?! And to top it off, they’re really decent value too. It’s super expensive to take my kids out to an escape room, but these kits cost less than a single ticket! (Plus, I can customize the experience for them, which is super fun). That said, I want to make it even easier for you to try these games out, because I think you’re going to fall in love with them! Lock Paper Scissors agreed to help us out with a collection of handy coupons.

Head to this page to pick out your favorite kit, and then use one of the codes below to save 30%. Trust me, your family will be begging for more next weekend!

Below are discount coupons you can use for each of the kits: 

1. LPS30-LM28-  30% Discount code for Lost Mummy Kit

2. LPS30-E28-  30% discount code for  Envy Kit

3. LPS30-EQ28- 30% Discount code for Escape Quest Kit

4.LPS30-ERZ28- 30% Escape Room Z Kit

5. LPS30-F28- 30% Frost Kit

6. LPS30-R28 - 30% Rebel Revolt Kit

Download one, or download them all! Either way you're going to be on the path to great adventures ahead.

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