Stacy Talks & Reviews: Ways to Style Women’s Boutique Bottoms

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Ways to Style Women’s Boutique Bottoms

For many of us, we’ve no doubt spent the last year in leggings on the bottom while throwing on a tee and casual jacket for our work calls. We no doubt barely remember what it’s like to have to pull together outfits each morning frantically before heading to work. If you’re stumped on how to style some of the new womens boutique bottoms coming out this season to get work-ready, we’ve got you! 

Here are just a few ways you can style women’s boutique bottoms for an effortlessly striking look.

Go Monochromatic

When in doubt, pair the always classic black bottoms with a baggy cardigan or sweater in the cooler months or a delicate white blouse or ivory puff-sleeved shirt. The monochromatic is always an easy combination look but gives the impression of both sleek and streamlined. 

Keep Loose, Keep Comfortable

The relaxed fit is in, and it looks fabulous. Flowy and soft wide-legged ribbed textured bottoms with a gorgeously patterned blouse with some statement jewelry is a cozy dream. The key to styling loose women’s boutique bottoms is to keep the whole outfit flowy and choose a great pair of chunky black shoes for a chic-model vibe. 

Dress Up the Basics

The go-to pair of wide-legged jeans can surprisingly go office-ready or night-on the town with a few clever accessories. A head-turning pair of strappy heels can amp up a casual look if you don’t want to appear too dressed down. Toss in a couple of always timeless gold or silver hoops and your daytime bag, and you look sleek yet comfortable. Change up that purse to a clutch, and you’re ready for the nightlife! 

Break the Rules: Mix Materials!

There are a lot of fashion dos and don’t and rules to try to keep up with. But when it comes to being unique and making a statement, sometimes breaking all the rules and suggestions creates something stunning! Mix a textured skirt with a loose white blouse, then toss a leather—or vegan leather vest on top. The great news about having a pair of neutral women’s boutique bottoms is that you have leeway to style your tops any way you want! 

You can wear your women’s boutique bottoms any way that’s comfortable to you and still to your aesthetic. We just hope we’ve been able to give you ideas to refresh and rejuvenate your outfits.

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