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Portable Air Conditioner Reviewed: What You Should Know About Owning One

Owning a portable air conditioner comes with its perks, one of which is easy operability. You can move the unit to any ideal location within your home or office, creating a customizable airflow. And when it comes to functionality, you also have an appliance that rivals most of its permanently mounted counterparts, provided that you purchase one that matches the demands of your internal space.

A portable air-con is easy to set up. However, bear in mind that you have to place it close to an open space, such as a window. This configuration makes venting a breeze. Additionally, your appliance would most likely produce more condensate than its cousins, since its components are integrated. So, you will need one with a large drip tray to house the condensate.

The Unmatchable Convenience of a Portable Air-Con

When compared to a wall-mounted or central unit, a portable air conditioner provides more convenience, especially if you are a temporary resident in your home. Portable air conditioners can be easily moved from room to room or placed outside or near an open window or door, so you can change the temperature to your liking. The majority of portable cooling appliances include wheels, which prevent the risk of an accident during transport.

Since installation is temporary, you can remove the air conditioner at any moment or even keep it in a separate place when not in use. Plus, your appliance will be up and running in a couple of minutes. That being stated, the power capacity of your air-con determines the cooling efficiency you would get. Measure the size of your room and determine the appropriate capacity.

Must-Have Functionalities for Your Portable Air-Con

Aside from having wheels, your portable air-conditioning unit should also include additional safety measures. Your portable air conditioner, for example, may have tip-over safety to prevent it from toppling and destroying its components or injuring a nearby adult or child. Overheat protection is a must as well, especially if you want to prolong the appliance’s lifespan and prevent potential fire hazards.

A noise-isolation function built into the portable appliance would be an extra advantage. If you are a light sleeper, this feature will protect you from being disturbed. You can control the noise impacts from your unit by adjusting its changeable setting.

Maintaining Your Portable Air Conditioner

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring that your portable cooling unit lasts long. One of the methods includes cleaning the components regularly, especially the vents. Using a vacuum cleaner brush attachment, you can keep this area free of build-ups from dust, pollen, and other particles. As long as the vents stay clean, your portable air conditioner will optimally cool your interior space. To prevent impeded venting, straighten the hoses when cleaning.

The AC motor is another area that requires attention. Over time, this component tends to build up, which might contribute to overheating. For this reason, you have to thoroughly clean it to ensure that it is clear of dust and debris. To maintain smooth air filtration, clean the filter as well. It should be replaced at least twice a year. By following these cleaning procedures, your portable air conditioner will run at its best for a long time without breaking down.

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