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Mother's Day is Coming!

It may just be the beginning of March, but Mother's Day is coming! And it's never too early to start thinking about gifts for mom (or the mom figure) in our lives. Especially if you won't be seeing her in person this year. It's a great time to scope out gifts that can be shipped straight to her door.

ORGAID is an organic skincare company that produces the highest quality skincare products without the use of harmful chemicals. Their natural products, such as their sheet masks, are formulated to be effective and bring you results. Since most of us can’t get in for a facial, ORGAID sheet masks make for the perfect at home self care spa-night. 

They sell three amazing masks:
Anti-Aging and Moisturizing Sheet Mask
Vitamin C and Revitalizing Sheet Mask
Greek Yogurt and Nourishing Sheet Mask

Cognitive studies show writing by hand with pen and paper allows us to think more creatively, get organized with our thoughts and retain information better than using digital devices.

The TRU RED Expert Notetaking Collection is brand new. There are four different types of journals uniquely tailored to complement each specific style of note taking (visual thinker, bulleted note taker etc.). The four types are Starter, Pocket, Expert & Mastery and range in price from $13 - $19. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, journaling has helped millions of people/moms keep track of their thoughts, feelings and experiences.  

TRU RED spent nearly two years studying note taking techniques from the most brilliant minds like Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Darwin before unveiling the collection. The brand looked into all factors that go into effective journaling including mapping, charting, outlining and color-coding systems.

Serve mom breakfast in bed on her new Bel Canto Market Rustic Tray. The tray has a rustic, farmhouse style look with a splinter free, stain resistant finish perfect for serving up a homecooked meal. It is very sturdy, yet lightweight. The tray measures 20" x 14" and the metal handles makes the tray easy and convenient to carry and use as a serving tray. It can also be used as a decorative tray for a coffee table.

The gorgeous bloom of a sunflower can cause feelings of joy, fun, and excitement. At Groove Life they've captured the look of that feeling with the Sunflower Breathable Apple Watch Band. Like the beauty of a tall golden floret waving in the daylight, you’ll experience happiness in its best form with comfortability that keeps you relaxed and your wrist dry. 

Inspired by the beautiful and romantic sunflower fields in Tuscany, the Tuscan Sun ring is designed for your next adventure, wherever it may take you. Bold greens and yellows intertwine to create a pattern that will take you back to summer time. Each ring is engraved in Tennessee and is made from a premium elastomer blend. Breathable technology and unique designs will get you ready for your next adventure with comfort and style.

Groove Life watch bands and rings are available in a wide selection of colors and patterns.

Preserve and treasure family recipes with this stunning recipe book from Inspired Indigo. It makes the perfect gift! This is an exceptional, thoughtfully designed piece of artwork to be cherished for many years. Artist designed and hand crafted from laser cut 1/8” walnut wood, finished with a clear coat for durability. Contains a standard A6 size, 6 ring binder that allows for easy recipe card refills, making it flexible and easy to organize. Arrives with 40 recipe cards included.

First Ascent makes both fresh roasted and instant coffee. As a specialty coffee roaster they want you to have your perfect cup of coffee wherever you are, be it on the go, running kids around, or at home first thing in the morning before they rise.

First Ascent's instant coffee offers a quick and quiet solution without the hassle of grinding and brewing coffee first thing in the morning when you're trying not to wake the kiddos. Hand-crafted with the same care and precision as the fresh roast, First Ascent's Instant Coffee is so delicious you won't know the difference. 

Or try their fresh roasted coffee, for a delightful cup when you're not rushed on time and can actually enjoy the coffee before it gets cold. Options such as the light roast El Salvador Belvedere Blend, which comes from a women owned and operated farm, with notes of spiced cider, lavender and sugar cane, it is a perfect treat for the coffee loving Mom. And of course there are more robust coffee options such as Dawn Patrol, for those who want a strong kick in the morning to help them through the day. 

BRITE bites probiotic snack bites are packed with superfoods to fuel busy, on-the go individuals. They are free of gluten, dairy, and soy, making them ideal for those with food allergies. There’s three delicious flavors to check out: PB & Oats, Dark Cocoa, and Coconut Cran. Whether you enjoy them crumbled on top of a smoothie bowl, paired with your favorite iced coffee/wine, or just eating them plain, you're sure to love them. There are endless ways to eat BRITE bites. Plus who wouldn't want to celebrate their mother by giving her a guilt free snack that actually tastes great!

Copper Oxide – just like the one that powers the Copper Inside face mask – was proven over and over in dermatological clinical studies to significantly improve the well-being of the skin, face specifically. This is how it works: an on going flow of ions released from the copper fabric not only reduce the risk of infection, it is actually improve significantly the skin brightness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The copper act as an active agent of beauty.

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