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Floor Cleaning Made Easy

If you're like me and have hardwood floors through-out your home you've probably been looking for a simpler way to keep those floors clean. Especially if you have pets that shed like we do. You know, something that doesn't leave you back screaming in pain. Well let me tell you about the lifesaver product I found on Amazon that can do just that...and more!

Yes there are tons of products out there that you can use to clean your floor, but can they do more than just sweep or mop? And can you use them over and over again avoiding having to buy those disposable pads and chemical laden floor cleaners? By investing in a Microfiber Mop System you can toss out that old broom and dustpan. And while you're at it toss out that raggedy mop too! Because now you have the only thing you need to both sweep and mop your floors. Well, besides water that is. No need for disposable pads or any kind of floor cleaner.

Start with the microfiber dust mop pad to trap dust, lint, and even pet hair! With a full 360° swivel capability you'll be able to reach under places you never could before with a regular broom or mop. Then when you've picked up a majority of what's on the floor switch to the wet mop pad and add some water. You can do this by running water over it in the sink or using a spray bottle depending on how wet you want it to be. Then go back over the floor for a final cleanse to pick up any smaller debris left behind for a smooth and streak free shine.

• Comes with 3 reusable microfiber mop heads.
• Adjustable stainless steel handle from 42" to 70".
• Heavy-duty frame constructed to hold-up to daily-use.
• Comfortable foam grip.
• Space at the top of the handle for hanging.
• Machine washable pads. Comes with professional washing instructions to ensure they last for years to come!

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