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How to Move From a Big City? 5 Cheap Ways

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Moving from a big city is often one of the most stressful events. The cost of hiring moving companies is high (the price of work and social security, general expenses, etc.) You need between 600 to 800 dollars overall. 

If you are looking for a cheap move, there are several factors that you have to keep in mind, and that can change a lot the budget of your move.

1. Organize Well

You already have the date of the move, but you have to do a lot of things from now on. Let's organize it a bit.

Pre-preparation is simple but essential, since it will save you a lot of problems, and you can save time and money. Getting organized helps you make sure that everything planned has been done correctly, thus avoiding last-minute surprises.

You have to start scheduling about two months before the move-in date, writing down everything you think will be necessary for the big day.

To help you get organized, here are a few things to do if you are moving:

  • Change of addresses: It is essential to notify before the date of the move, to school, work, banks, etc., that you will change your address so that all the letters reach you and none are lost. This point is essential and is often made when it is too late.

  • Make an inventory of your things to know what you want to keep. What do you want that old radio for? Or that old lamp? Everything you don't want you can try to sell to get some money.

  • Are you going to need transportation? Evaluate the volume of the vehicle you need and start looking for it.

2. Pack all your things yourself if possible

Keep in mind that you will need at least a full day to move all your belongings, but you have to save several days before organizing, pack boxes, etc. This would be ideal, but we don't always have enough time for it.

Do not forget that the idea is to make an inventory that fits in each box.

If you do not have a garage, get a space in front of the old and the new house to transport everything from the car to the house is as simple as possible. You can consult your city council on the matter, or resort to the old trick of parking a friend's car in the right place.

3. Emptying and Selling Stuff

Start cleaning your house. It is not a good idea to start just one day before. Start emptying the fridge and pantry in your old house, and then defrost the refrigerator and freezer. 

You wouldn't like to see how you leave home, cut off the electricity, and a river of thawed water floods the kitchen. As we have already mentioned, the first thing is to choose what we take to the new house and what we leave on the ground. This will prevent us from overpacking, and we will also get some money if we can sell something online.

4. Find Cheap Boxes 

Moving in the cheapest way possible is good, but you have to find the right equipment for the transfer, and there is no need to spend a lot of money to get it.

Where to get moving boxes? Of course, you can buy them from moving companies, but you can also save a few dollars and look for them, going from store to store. Eventually, you will get all the necessary ones.

Most stores take a lot of orders, and they sure give you used boxes. You can also find larger boxes at furniture stores. As long as you call them a week before you start packing, it is enough for them to keep them for you.

5. Find Cheap Tools

In addition to everything you need to pack boxes, you have to have a ready series of tools. For example, a hand truck, but of course, you will not buy to use it for a few hours during the move.

This is where the so-called collaborative consumption comes into play. Without a doubt, there is in your city, even in your neighborhood, someone who has one in his garage and who will gladly lend it to you, for a small amount of money, or even for free.

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