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Experience the difference your PC can deliver with Solve iQ

Having trouble staying focused and productive while working from home during the pandemic? Then Solve iQ just might be what you've been looking for to keep your head in the game when you're company is counting on you most.

Solve iQ is a consumer PC product that provides on-demand IT support for users of any computer competency. With so many Americans working from home, PC productivity has been challenged. Solve iQ is a simple PC application that keeps users productive and focused, protecting them from deceptive applications that slow systems down, and applying the device updates that will safely keep them dialed in to their company’s network. 

Solve iQ is the first and only service to deliver optimizations in real time, based on the user’s activity on their PC– from web conferencing with a family member, working on documents and spreadsheets, to playing a video game. On top of that, Solve iQ includes a system cleanup service that automatically deletes unnecessary files and clutter to free up space, eliminate potential data leaks, and helps increase performance.

Remove PC Frustrations Due to Slow Apps
Be confident that your PC and apps are running at peak performance at all times. Apart from regular system maintenance,  Solve iQ’s patented Just-In-Time Engine focuses resources on the apps you are using.

Keep Devices Updated & Working
Solve iQ takes the frustration and time out of finding and updating common device related software and drivers.  Never search for these again.

Protection Equals Performance
Solve iQ’s DNS protection and PageBoost browser extension keep you protected from deceptive bloated apps and malware while improving your online privacy.

Sometimes You Need Extra TLC
We want you to have the best experience possible with your devices. Solve iQ support staff are available to assist you with just about any technical challenges you may encounter. We’re your one-stop support solution.

For $9.99 a month, Solve iQ software offers consumers the following:
• App enhancements in real time
• Identifying and automatically fixing updates
• 24/7 PC protection & privacy
• Personalized customer service available when most needed

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