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Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

 Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

Although many people think that erectile dysfunction is only something that men of a certain age deal with, it is actually pretty common in younger men also. In fact, a study conducted in 2019 found that around 50 percent of all men under 50 years of age have experienced some form of erectile dysfunction. These rates have more than doubled over the past 25 years. The study also found that in men that are under 40 years of age, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction is actually very high, with as much as 35.5 percent of men that are aged between 18 and 25 years having erectile dysfunction and 30.7 percent of men between 26 and 40 years of age.

There are are around 11.7 million men in the United Kingdom that claim to have some sort of problem with having sex and with 1 in 8 of those saying problems occur each and every time that they do have sex, it goes to show that erectile dysfunction is not something that is exclusive to older men. 

Where and when it does affect younger men, it can be particularly embarrassing for them as most do not realize just how common it is with men of their age. Most men also are not aware that there are numerous different treatment methods that can be used for it. Despite not wanting to speak with friends / family about the issue, it is important that men do discuss it with a registered healthcare professional. 

Causes In Young Men
Just like in older men too, the causes of erectile dysfunction can be either psychological, physical, or a combination of both of them. 

Where the blood vessels become narrow because of smoking, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and / or high blood pressure, the amount of blood flowing to the penis is greatly impacted upon, thus lowering a man’s chance of getting a strong erection. Where there is a risk of heart disease in the family, your risk of developing compilation leading to erectile dysfunction are increased.

However, in younger men, it is the psychological factors that are the main contributory factor towards developing erectile dysfunction. This includes mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression - each one of these can have an affect on a man’s sexual libido level. Some of these come around as a result of fear about getting their partner pregnant or general worry about performing sexually. 

If erectile dysfunction is caused by physical issues then there are a number of oral medications out there that can be used to combat it. One of the most commonly used drugs is Tadalafil. If you want to buy some of this for yourself then Numan will be the solution as they have it available on their website for purchase straight away.

Where psychological issues are the main factor for erectile dysfunction, a course of counselling with a professional psychiatrist is recommended in order to treat the root cause of the condition and help you overcome your problem. 

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