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Valentine's or Galentine's Day?

On February 13th, women from all over the world celebrate Galentine's Day, the favorite, yet "FAKE" holiday, when female friendships are revered and honored. And then on February 14th those lucky men and women with a significant other will be celebrating Valentine's Day. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's or Galentine's day I have lots of great gifting ideas that are sure to be a hit!

Romances come and go. Celebrate your “friends for life” with a Galentine’s Day gift of four delicious pints of custom-churned ice cream in simply scrumptious flavors from eCreamery.  Each pint includes a fun, “feel good” message and every mouth-watering bite is a reminder that life is sweet, and we all deserve a tasty little treat from time to time.

Galentine's Day Ice Cream Collection
Self Love Club
- Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Crunch and Fudge Swirls
You are Enough - Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch
Believe in Yourself - Marshmallow Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pieces and Chocolate Chunks
Know Your Worth - Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Brownie Bites and Fudge Swirls

There’s no better way to declare your love than with the sweetest Valentine’s gift ever – delicious custom-churned ice cream in sensational flavors that might just make your heart skip a beat. Each pint carries a “cupid-approved” Valentine’s message. Make this a Valentine’s Day to remember with this heart-warming collection.

Ice Cream My Love For You Collection
Love at first bite - Mint Cookie Crunch Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls
Tub of Hugs - Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks
Scoops of Love - Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
You're Simply the Sweetest - Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

Always on the hunt for the “good ice”? There are many commercial nugget ice makers out there, but they cost thousands of dollars and don’t fit seamlessly into the home. NewAir designed their Nugget Ice Maker to be compact, so you can get the crunchy ice you crave right from your kitchen counter. Not only does it fit into your lifestyle, but this Nugget Ice Maker is the fastest home model on the market. Get the “good ice” in just 5 minutes.

My daughter and I eat this ice pretty much every day so I make up a bunch and put it in a reusable bag in the freezer so I always have some on hand. Great by itself and in a variety of beverages!

Joyin has a great Valentine's Day collection to choose from. Their Valentines Day Burlap Garden House Flags feature colorful sweethearts and love flowers with sleeves at the top to fit a standard flagpole. Made of durable 100% all-weather medium-weight polyester burlap each flag is 12-1/2" W x 18" H. Superior quality, weather tested and UV, fade, mildew resistant. Color can retain for multiple seasons. Text is correctly readable on each side.

If Valentine's Day cards are what you're looking for they have those too! Like their fun glow pack that includes 28 cards (4 designs) and 28 attached glow sticks in 4 colors. Colors of the glow sticks are orange, blue, pink and yellow. Phrases on the cards are “you light up my day ”, “you make my day electric”, “you make my heart glow” and “your future is bright”. With this unique design of the cards, the kids will surely be excited to give them or to their friends.

At 3Wishes, an online retailer of women's intimate apparel, we offer hundreds of lingerie items in styles ranging from sassy to sweet and every eye-catching trend in between. For a little more coverage, a babydoll set or sleepwear items should do the trick. Looking for something a little more risque? Our popular Bow Teddy makes you the best gift of all. Shopping for Valentine's Day lingerie is something that 3Wishes can make quick and easy for you!

FlowerFix, a new online flower shop, has created a Valentine’s Flower Shop with 32 diverse options of bouquets featuring different flower varieties, colors and designs. There is bound to be one that’s perfect for every loved one. But they also offer wreath and flower bouquet subscriptions!

Here are three highlights in the Shop:
• A natural favorite for love birds is the Perfect Pair Red Rose Bouquet and Petals boasting 25 red roses and a bag of petals, or 50 red roses and two bags of petals for the true romantic.

The Love Bug White and Peach Flower Bouquet, recently featured on the Tamron Hall Show, is a stunning display of 31 total stems including light purple garden roses, light pink dianthus solomio, red roses, and pink garden roses.

• Presenting a lovely, harmonious color palette, the 4EVER Pink and Purple Flower Bouquet impresses with 27 flower stems of peach gerber daisies, pink gerber daisy, hypericum berries, lavender roses, pink roses, pink spray roses & eucalyptus greenery.

CBD can be a fun and very trendy Valentine’s Day gift, which appeals to women and men of all ages. Palm Organix recommends some of their unique products for Valentine’s Day such as:

CBD Face Mask
• Each cellulose mask contains 10mg of THC-Free CBD
• Rejuvenates, Refreshes, and Hydrates the Face|
• Apply to freshly washed skin, leave on for 30 minutes

CBD Energy Drinks
• Each drink packet contains 12.5mg of THC Free CBD and 75mg of caffeine
• Add directly to water bottle for a delicious berry flavored drink
• Perfect for workouts, or a mid-day pick me up

Add some delicious zero-calorie sweetness and sophistication to your Valentine’s Day with Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Strawberry Rose Syrup. The decadent refreshing taste of a strawberry with the elegant, subtle taste of rose makes for the perfect flavor pairing to add to champagne, prosecco, sparkling water, craft cocktails, parfaits, baking, and so much more. Created with 0 Calories. 0 Sugar. 0 Carbs. Jordan’s Sugar-Free Strawberry Rose Syrup is keto-friendly, gluten-free, and kosher. $5.59 for a 750ml bottle. Made in the USA.

Looking to add a little spice and culinary creativity to your Valentine's Day? Turn up the heat with award-winning Gindo's Spice of Life Hot Sauce--a line of artisanal pepper sauces!  Gindo’s has created a limited-edition Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box, which includes a Dark Chocolate Espresso Habanero, Chocolate Cold Brew, and a Chocolate Imperial Stout hot sauce--a collaboration with local coffee and brewery businesses. Delicious and complex, Gindo's Spice of Life Hot Sauce is one of the few truly handcrafted, artisanal hot sauces available in today's marketplace.  Created by a husband-and-wife team who are 'hot sauce sauciers,' all-natural Gindo's Spice of Life Hot Sauce is locally made in small batches with whole peppers--picked at the peak of freshness, sea salt, and spices that are sourced locally from over a dozen Illinois farms whenever possible. No wonder Gindo's Hot Sauce has won over three dozen awards. All of Gindo's Hot Sauces are gift-boxed and ready to send to anywhere in the US!

Looking for a guilty pleasure without the guilt this Valentine’s Day? Go ahead and indulge in Killer Creamery keto-friendly ice cream, a dessert that’s so creamy, rich, and decadent that you’ll forget its low carb! Grab a pint of Killer Creamery in Jam Session, a delicious blend of raspberry and dark chocolate pieces –a perfect Valentine’s Day pairing!  Killer Creamery uses only the cleanest, highest quality ingredients in each pint, which health-conscious desert lovers will appreciate. Their unique recipe features C8 MCT oil from coconuts, allulose, a low-calorie sugar that doesn’t cause sugar spikes, and a prebiotic fiber, which offers anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular system health benefits. With every mouthwatering spoonful, you’ll be rewarding yourself in more ways than one! Its all-new recipe has an even smoother, creamier texture that any ice cream fan will appreciate - with still only 2 to 3 net carbs and zero sugar added!  Offered in 8 decadent flavors, Killer Creamery keto ice cream is available in 2,300+ retailers nationwide and online.

A sex toy is indeed a naughty and kinky Valentine's Day gift which may be just what you've been looking for. Sex toys promote the importance of making women aware of their own bodies and empower them to realize that they are capable of self-love. A best seller from NOTI is the Womanizer Liberty, a modern sex toy that uses Pressure Air Technology (TM) and comes with orgasm guarantee! This is what freedom feels like: the ocean waving at you, the sun kissing your skin, and the breeze playing with your hair. Take a vacation with the travel-sized Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator!

Saki Cosmetics offers handmade 5-free nail polish and vegan lip glosses in a variety of colors. Made in Canada, the products are mixed in small batches and hand poured.

Spread the love this Valentine’s by gifting you and yours with a healthier night’s sleep. Naturepedic’s Certified Organic 2-in-1 Adjustable Latex Pillow features an innovative 2-in-1 adjustable design for truly personalized comfort. The customizable design includes adjustable organic fill to make the pillow as firm or as soft as you desire. The outer encasement features two distinct feels on each side: a quilted side with a fluffy-cloud-like feel, and a smooth side that stretches to conform to the unique shape of your head and neck. Better yet, it only uses GOTS-certified organic, MADE SAFE certified nontoxic materials such as organic cotton fabric, PLA batting (made from non-GMO sugarcane to wick moisture while adding additional fluff), and organic latex, made from the sap of a rubber tree!

The GoApe backpack was created for those who are looking for a practical, durable and comfortable bag for daily use and for those who tend to forget or lose their keys, or have a large quantity of keys to manage. Its main feature, besides being made of natural fibers (55% hemp/45% cotton), is the hidden key organizer useful for as many keys as you want, USB drives or any small thing that can be hooked, and the 4 other strategic pockets. 

Shop now with code STACY15 for a 15% discount through 2/15/21.

Whether you enjoy iced or hot beverages, puddles, water ring marks, and brews that are either too cold or too hot are daily friction points for most people. If you’re looking for this year’s must-have cozy comfort for someone who could use a better to-go beverage experience, then reusable iced and hot coffee sleeves from Sok-It™ belong in your home and car. JavaSok™ and HotSok™ eco-friendly cup sleeves keep iced drinks colder longer and protect your hands from hot drinks better than single-use cardboard sleeves. With 24 new styles to fit your every mood JavaSok™ and HotSok™ are the ideal gifts for everyone.

Gadget Guard wants help protect your loved one for Valentine’s Day—especially since studies have found that people are less attracted to people with cracked cell phones. One gift makes your smartphone screen unbreakable (Black ice Screen Protectors); the second is a cellphone case that provides protection from radiation from your phone (Alara Cases); and the third cleans devices from germs, bacteria and viruses (TechClean), a critical need during the COVID-19 outbreak. All 3 would be great at making life better, easier and safer for everyone.

Made with fruit puree as the number one ingredient, Fruit-tella Soft Gummies are a flavorful candy that is fun, delicious, and a tasty sweet indulgence option with good high-quality ingredients. These playful new gummies are the perfect perfect for parents and children alike on Valentine’s Day.

Fruit-tella is a candy brand that’s been around in Europe for 90 years and is making its U.S. debut with Fruit-tella Soft Gummies. The Soft Gummies, available in Strawberry & Raspberry and Peach & Mango, are dairy-free, have no high-fructose corn syrup, are peanut and tree nut-free, and can be purchased at select Walmart stores and nationwide on Amazon.

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