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Pandemic help from Diamonds

As I'm sure many of you have felt it COVID-19 has played a big part in how we make choices in our lives these days. Everything from what we do before we leave our homes for work, errands, etc. to how we go about our daily lives. Thankfully though many companies have stepped up to help try to make those changes a little less stressful. If you've not read it yet here's an article that was originally featured on Influencive, November 20, 2020 that might give you some extra insight into things going on "behind the scenes" so to speak.COVID-19 has caused a major impact on our daily lives. While the world at large may have shut down due to this destructive virus, many of us have been left behind in the chaos, just trying to grab a piece of our old life back.

Many companies stepped in to help, spending millions of dollars to support those in need. Can you believe that some people are still holding on to hope thanks to help that came from…diamonds?

Diamonds That Care, a socially responsible jewelry brand, has been pioneering ways to give back to the communities and families drastically affected by the coronavirus. This jewelry company alone has created multiple strategies in order to donate to charities for COVID-19 and provide financial and emotional support to families of frontline healthcare workers and volunteers who lost their lives.

One way Diamonds That Care have shown their support during this difficult time is by partnering with Feeding America, a charity that provides food for families in need of financial and emotional aid.

According to Feeding America, during COVID-19 over 35 million people, including 11 million children, experienced food insecurity. As the virus has spread, the number of families and children living in food-insecure households has increased to over 54 million, which includes nearly 18 million children – and counting. The coronavirus has caused hardship for on millions of families across the country and around the world, leading to a lack of fundamental resources in their homes.

Diamonds That Care is donating 10% of all sales from the I Care collection, featured exclusively at Brilliant Earth, to Feeding America’s Covid Response Fund. This means that you, too, can join in the fight to support those who need it most during these challenging times: by purchasing a diamond from the I Care collection created by Diamonds That Care.

But Feeding America’s hungry is not the only way Diamonds That Care is making an impact. In collaboration with a world renowned jewelry designer, Anna Hu, and Christie’s auction house,  Diamonds That Care raised funds to provide financial and emotional support to the families of frontline healthcare workers who lost their lives in the fight to save ours. This collaboration raised $338,781 from the sale of three rare diamond jewelry pieces designed by Anna Hu. Proceeds from the auction were donated to The Brave Heart fund, a foundation that provides financial care and comfort to families of frontline workers and volunteers.

In hopes to make the world a little bit brighter during this time of need, Diamonds That Care continues to show their compassion by providing essential services and supplies to people who need it the most. Covid-19 may have brought dark times with it, but Diamonds That Care is doing its best to bring back some light.

Who would have thought diamonds could have such a powerful impact on the everyday lives of people affected by the pandemic?

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