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Wubbles are Loads of Fun!

If you don't know what Wubble toys are then let me tell you, you've been missing out. We received a fun box full of different Wubble toys and ever since we've been having a blast playing with them. First up are the Wubble Rumblers.

Wubble Rumblers are the latest in the Wubble family. And let me tell you if you start with just one you won't want to stop until you have them all! They are that much fun!

Whack ‘em! Smack ‘em!  Bop ‘em! Chop ‘em! The Wubble Rumblers are made for good old rough and tumble fun! Battle it out with friends with this ultimate accessory for play fighting. The Rumblers inflate a gigantic three feet tall! Rumblers are squishy, squashy, super soft and 400 times more elastic than a typical inflatable – from the makers of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball! Enjoy hours of big bopping fun as you get your rumble on! Recommended for ages 6+. Inflates in minutes with the enclosed air pump. 

Styles include a WrestlerNinjaWrestler Fist, or Karate Chop. Once inflated these guys are a HUGE 3 feet tall!

Next up are the Fuzzy Wubble Jigglers. My daughter claimed both of the ones we got no sooner than I had them out of the box. So you don't have to take my word for it when I say they are super cute, you can take her running off with them as a good sign they are.

Meet super fuzzy, soft and cuddly Fuzzy Wubble Jigglers! These adorable plush pets are a lovable stuffed animal outside and Wubble bubble ball filled with super squishy fun inside.  Fuzzy Wubble Jigglers are wiggly, jiggly, pint-sized pets that fit in the palm of your hand!  Hug ‘em, squish ‘em, toss ‘em, catch ‘em. Jigglers not only snuggle; they shake, wiggle and roll!  Characters also include: Sparkle the Unicorn, Shadow the Shark, Pinky the Piglet, Chloe the Kitty, Oliver the Octopus, and Sprinkles the Narwhal. You can find them all at Target.

And last but not least by any means are the Fuzzy Wubbles. Fuzzy Wubbles are the softest, squishiest, most huggable and lovable stuffed animals ever! These plush pets also make a fun decorative pillow for your bed! Each whimsical plush pet includes an inflator nozzle, so you can inflate your Fuzzy Wubble to play, then deflate it to store away.

Fuzzy Wubble Fuzzycorn - Bubbles the Narwhal is super fuzzy, soft and cuddly with a sparkly unicorn horn! This whimsical plush pet is a Wubble on the inside and an adorable stuffed animal on the outside. Like the original Fuzzy Wubble Bubble Balls, you can hug 'em, squish 'em, toss 'em, catch 'em! Collect them all at Target.

Through November 27th you can enter to win you own set of 4 Wubble Rumblers here:

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