Stacy Talks & Reviews: Why Should I Choose White Sturgeon Caviar?

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Why Should I Choose White Sturgeon Caviar?

For many of us, the first thing we think of when hearing the word caviar is likely one of two things. First, an expensive and out-of-range dish that one may never be able to afford, or the small salmon roe one sees at your local sushi restaurant. Would you be surprised to find out that neither of these things are entirely correct?

First, true caviar should only be called such if it is from the sturgeon fish. All fish eggs are not caviar and not at all created equal. While roe of other fish, such as salmon and lumpfish or flying fish can be harvested for consumption, they cannot be labeled simply as ‘caviar’. They must always be labeled salmon caviar, lumpfish caviar for example. So, if you have never tried true sturgeon caviar before, for an authentic flavor and experience make sure the label reads only ‘caviar.’ 

Second, sturgeon caviar is no longer at unreachable prices, bringing this historically rare and luxurious treat to any home across the globe. So, why not choose caviar? 

What Makes White Sturgeon Caviar Distinctive?

The white sturgeon or Acipenser transmontanus is a species of sturgeon that is an anadromous (migrating fish) found in the wild ranging from the Eastern Pacific from the Gulf of Alaska to Monterey, California. Conservation efforts have made it possible to enjoy white sturgeon caviar without economic impact thanks to sustainable, environmentally-friendly farms found in California. Today’s farmed white sturgeons raised in aqua farms use cutting-edge micro-ecosystems that filter the freshest and cleanest water through hydroponic ponds which produce copious, pollutant-free vegetation that allows the sturgeon to feed on nutrient-packed foods. This pristine environment eliminates contamination that would otherwise affect both the quality and flavor of sturgeon caviar as well. This distinctive roe has become a chef’s favorite for this and many other reasons. 

While its distinct taste is one of those reasons, the fact that this caviar is so nutrient-dense makes it a healthy indulgence. A rich composition of both protein and crucial polyunsaturated fatty acids that support heart and nerve health white sturgeon caviar also comes with balanced proportions of amino acids, phosphorus, calcium macro and microelements, and a range of easy to digest fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, and E. 

Last, but never least, one of the reasons white sturgeon caviar has such mass appeal for chefs and caviar fans alike is that it is one of the more affordable, high-quality caviars on the market today.

Where to Start? 

The best place to start with caviar if you have never had any is the delectable White Sturgeon caviar. One of the most versatile of all of the caviars, it can be eaten directly from a non-metal spoon, on the back of the hand as it has traditionally and historically been consumed, placed atop steak tartar, or even paired with a favorite beer or champagne. Many experts and caviar connoisseurs, however, recommend you try white sturgeon caviar without any flavor distractions such as blini, crackers, toast, eggs, or even the ever-popular crème Fraiche. 

The taste of the white sturgeon caviar is almost always compared to its more expensive counterpart, the Osetra caviar, which many says has a layer of complexity to its flavor. Flavors such as creamy walnut, a hint of fruit with a stronger burst of both on the tongue that ends with crisp, clean, fresh ocean finish. 

Once you have tried this scrumptious caviar, you have the freedom to begin adding it to all of your favorite dishes. Try white sturgeon caviar on oysters, sea urchin, new potatoes wrapped in slivers of cucumber on buckwheat crepes. For the best possible experience and to ensure that your caviar remains full-flavored and delicious, always serve yours on a bed of ice to keep it chilled. Try and avoid serving your caviar with a metal spoon, stick to wood, pearl, or plastic to keep this complex tasting luxury at its finest. 

So, why caviar? Because this fantastic treat can make you experience luxury at more acceptable prices, allowing you to explore a world of gourmet foods you may have never experience before. For the absolute freshest, highest-quality caviar, try Caviar Star’s Classic California White Sturgeon Caviar and taste the difference!

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