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The Easy Way To Clean Cork Flooring

Cork floors are an excellent choice for your home as the wood is from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources. You will want to keep dust and dirt from your flooring as much as you can, as this will help to prevent scratches on your floor. If your cork floor is starting to look a bit dirty and you need to give it a good clean, follow the advice below, and you can have your cork floors looking like new again.

Use A Brush Or A Duster
The best way to remove any dust and debris from your floor is by sweeping it. However, you will not want to use just any brush. You will need to use a soft-bristled brush which will help to stop the floor from being scratched. Alternatively, you can also use a soft duster to clean the debris away. Once complete, you will then be ready to give your floor a clean.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner. However, make sure that your vacuum cleaner is ideal for use on hardwood floors. Otherwise, traditional ones may scratch the surface of your cork floor. If you are interested in sustainable cork flooring Melbourne homeowners love, there are plenty of reputable companies supplying both cork floors and also the equipment needed to care for them.

Getting Rid Of Spills
Accidents happen, it is part of life, and if you spill something on your cork floor, you will want to wipe it up as quickly as you can. The longer the liquid is on the surface of the floor, the more chance you have of staining the floor. Unlike other types of wooden floors, you cannot use a steam cleaner on your cork flooring, and also spray mops are not suitable. These cleaning devices will leave some liquid on the floor, which may lead to mold or water spots.

Mopping Your Floors
You will still want to mop your cork floors, but you will want to make sure that you use minimal amounts of water when you do. Avoid using bleach which will be absorbed by the wood and start breaking it down, and also avoid using anything that are solvent, wax, or oil-based. Rather than adding detergent to the water when you mop your floors, you can add some white vinegar, and about a quarter of a cup per gallon of water is sufficient. When you have finished mopping your cork floor, you will then want to use a microfiber cloth or a sponge to remove any excess water that remains.

Use A Professional Service
If you have stains or marks on your flooring and you cannot get rid of them, then you may wish to use the services of a professional company that may be able to assist you. Cork flooring is usually low maintenance, but there may come a time when there is a stubborn stain that you cannot move. In most cases, professional cleaners may be able to help, but depending on what the stain is or what caused the mark, there may not be a lot that you can do.
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