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Quarantine Home Decor Ideas: Get Started With 500 Dollar Loan Online

Staying indoors seems to be the safest thing to do right now when the pandemic is ravaging the world. Even after lockdowns are gradually being lifted, many businesses are still prioritizing work from home to keep their employees and customers safe. And people who don’t work are encouraged to avoid purposeless outings. But being quarantined is tough, particularly when you’ve already been indoors for months. Still, this is something you don’t have much choice with because safety matters the most. As you have to stay at home, it makes sense to do something productive and creative.

Maybe that means looking for a new home with a larger space for an at home office/exercise room. Or maybe that means actualizing your dream of an at home movie theater style room with a big screen tv and comfy recliners. With today's available tv and internet packages you would have endless hours of hit shows you could watch. First I recommend checking out your usda eligibility to see what options are available for you. Or maybe that means doing some home upgrades if a new home isn't in the cards for you right now.

While you can cook, read, watch movies, exercise, and chat with friends to spend time indoors, routines can get boring. Investing in a home decor project sounds like a great idea but you must have extra money to change the look and feel of your living space. But what if you don’t have extra cash and cannot borrow because of a low credit score. A 500 dollar loan with bad credit is a good way to get started. Before listing some cool quarantine home decor ideas, let us talk about this borrowing option first.

The concept of 500 dollar loan online
As the name implies, a 500 dollar loan is ideal for small cash requirements such as home decor and repairs. Alternatively, you can use the amount to deal with cash emergencies such as car breakdown, medical expenses and appliance repairs. The best thing about procuring such loans online is the fast and easy process. Unlike bank loans, they just take a few clicks to apply and the amount comes into your account within a few working days. The process is zero-hassle as you need not visit the lender office and do not have to submit lots of documents.

Another advantage of online application is that you can easily get a loan despite a bad credit score, which is something you cannot expect with a traditional bank loan. This is possible because your application goes to multiple lenders, which gives you better chances of approval. Moreover, online lenders perform only a soft credit check on your profile and lend on the basis of your repayment capacity. With a 500 dollar loan online, you can explore flexible repayment models depending on your convenience. You may repay at once on your payday or as smaller installments over an extended period.

Quarantine home decor ideas you can try
The online 500 dollar loans have you pretty sorted out on the financial front, so you can start thinking about decor ideas to implement while quarantined at home. Since you have a fixed amount to spend, it makes sense to create a budget before you get started. You may pick a specific area for makeover or do little things all around the house. DIY is a good approach because you wouldn’t want physical contact with people. So here are some cool home decor ideas you can try right now within your 500 dollar budget.

Living room makeover
A makeover for your living room can create a wonderful ambiance and give you an all-new space to surprise your friends as they drop in after things get normal. A DIY painting project is a good idea to start with, so consider creating an accent wall for the living room. Move around the bigger furniture pieces for a fresh new look. Invest in a few small pieces of furniture and some decor pieces. New curtains, cushions and rugs can also go a long way in giving the room a new look and feel.

Productive home office
Since work from home is the new normal, creating a small home office is a good idea for your home decor project. Find a secluded space in your home- it could be a corner of your bedroom or dining room if you don’t have a dedicated room. Create a functional space by picking some ergonomic furniture pieces or convert ones you already have. Ensure good lighting and peaceful ambiance so that you can work comfortably and deliver the best productivity levels.

Kitchen upgrade
For DIY enthusiasts who have some skills, a partial kitchen upgrade is a good way to use your spare time productively. Giving a new look to the place is as easy as painting the cabinets with a fresh coat of a vibrant color. It won’t cost a fortune but give the place a brighter ambiance. If you have better skills, you can even consider replacing the fittings or get it done by an expert later. Even as you paint the cabinets, a complete declutter works well to create more space.

Bathroom cleaning spree
Though you cannot do much for redecorating your bathroom, a cleaning spree would be good enough to give it a fresher feel. Scrub the floor, tiles, and fittings to make them look shining like new. And if you want a better look, you may consider changing elements like the shower curtains, mirror, and cabinets. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. This would be enough to make a difference to the ambiance.

Vertical garden 
If you are a nature lover, a vertical garden is something you can try to make your home green and beautiful. There are no constraints of space- you can have one in the backyard, your balcony, or even on a wall in your living room. Everything boils down to your creativity. While you can have larger plants in a balcony or backyard garden, small herbs work well for an indoor space. Just make sure that there is plenty of sunlight and fresh air to make your plants thrive. And it would be easy to fit the project in the 500 dollar budget.

Although these decor ideas will probably not cost a lot, they will add much value to your living space. Moreover, you will have a creative satisfaction that you have done something productive. Still, there is a need to use your loan money smartly and spend only on the essentials. A responsible approach towards timely repayment of the loan is equally important.
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