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Let's go camping!

I don't know about you but I'm enjoying all of this bountiful sunshine lately. It's perfect for taking weekend family trips in our new travel trailer! And it just so happens I have some awesome camper friendly products to share with you that are great for all kinds of camping!

The Enbrighten Solar Light Bundle from Jasco is the perfect answer to your outdoor lighting needs. USB and Solar Power pair with the included Enbrighten USB Solar Panel for a reliable and eco-friendly power source, or for use with any standard USB-A port or adapter. Either way it empowers you to experience illumination without the need for an outlet. With 14 color modes for atmosphere, special occasions, holidays, tailgating and more – all of which can be selected and timed via the attached controller.  Set features 24 durable acrylic bulbs that are impact-resistant and are designed to withstand year-round exposure to the elements. Enbrighten cafĂ© lights are long-life, cool to the touch and energy-efficient.

Warmer weather is here, which means the mosquitoes and ticks are, too. Luckily, EarthKind® has you covered. Their new Stay Away Mosquitoes® spray is a DEET-free, EPA registered, non-flammable and water-resistant formula made with Picaridin, which is bio identical to pepper, CDC recommended and reliably effective. Stay Away Mosquitoes is unscented and skin-friendly, meaning its gentle on the skin, without the worries of harsh chemicals. Stay Away Mosquitoes® gives 14-hour highly-effective protection from mosquitoes and ticks, while protecting against biting flies, gnats and chiggers for 8 hours. Not only will it protect you from unsightly, itchy bites, but also from more serious diseases such as - ZIKA, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Chikungunya and Dengue.

EarthKind® also has you covered when it comes to those pesky ants and rodents too! Simply remove the outer plastic wrapper and place the Stay Away® pouches in areas you want to keep free of ants/rodents. Do not place directly on furniture or finished surfaces as product may stain. Replace scent pouches when scent has diminished. The product lasts up to 30 days in cold-storage areas. Length of effectiveness depends on air exchange rates and the temperature condition of storage areas.

It’s not a true camping experience until everyone has sat around the fire, and that means plenty of wood. While you usually can’t cut down live trees in state and national parks without a permit, dead wood is another matter. But, cutting those pieces down to size can be a chore without the Pocket Chainsaw from Sportsman Industries. An Amazon superstar, this 3-foot length of actual chainsaw chain has bi-directional, self-cleaning teeth so it cuts in two directions with every pull on the sturdy handles, slicing through a 3-inch branch in less than 10 seconds! Once the wood is cut, use the magnesium fire starter included with each purchase to get the night going.

When you're camping in a remote area without any outside lighting it can get pretty dark once the sun goes down. These two motion-sensor lights from That's Clever are a great way to "shed a little light" on your path.

Stand Anywhere LightThe stand anywhere light, does just that.  Stand it anywhere and you now have motion sensored light to help you find your way.

Puck Lights
Sold as a pack of 3 lights, these small, discrete but bright LED lights are the perfect affordable choice for simply lighting those smaller areas.

General Features:
• Battery Operated
• Motion & Darkness Sensored
• Auto shut off – after movement stops
• Long 9/12 month battery life, with average use
• Standard AA or AAA batteries
• Easy to install and set up in minutes

The Scrubba Wash Bag is the world’s smallest washing machine and the ultimate travel and camping essential. Our ultra-portable washing machine makes your journey easier and greener. This convenient, pocket-sized travel companion allows you to travel lighter while helping you save money, time and water. Weighing less than 142g, the Scrubba Wash Bag is a modern take on the old fashioned washboard. It is twice as effective as hand washing and a lot more hygienic than a dirty hotel sink.

Over 250,000 travelers, campers, backpackers, hikers and holiday makers have experienced firsthand the quality wash our internal flexible washboard delivers. You can get the Scrubba Wash Bag via Amazon, REI, or through our website.

Be the eco-friendly camper with a Conscious Camper Kit from Stream2Sea. The Stream2Sea Conscious Camper kit is designed to help divers protect the aquatic environment while also protecting their skin from damaging UV sunlight.

The Conscious Camper kit includes:
• 1 oz SPF30 SPORT Sunscreen – $6.95 retail
• 1 oz SPF20 SPORT Tinted Sunscreen for Face – $7.50 retail
• 1 oz Nourishing Body Lotion – $3.95 retail
• 1 oz Leave In Conditioner – $3.95 retail
• 1 oz Conditioning Shampoo and BodyWash – $3.95 retail
• SPF20 SPORT Sunscreen Sample
• EcoConscious Explorer Card
• A biodegradable Ingredients to Avoid Card

Luminiser Thermoelectric Camping Lamp
If you’re tired of lugging along a collection of propane tanks (including the ones from last season that might or might not be full) so you can have some light around the campsite, then the Luminiser from Norway is your solution. Transforming heat into electricity, the Luminiser’s tiny oil pot is enough to run powerful LEDs for 8 hours, amplifying the small flame’s light over a hundredfold. The durable lantern, made from 100 percent recyclable materials, weighs just over 15 ounces and stands under 6 inches tall with its legs folded up. Waterproof, with no moving or glass parts, it is the perfect, dependable light source for car camping, RVs and anywhere else you don’t want to rely on batteries, cords or the sun.

The GoSun Go® is the most portable solar oven ever. Using just the Sun, this ultralight solar cooker can bake, roast, steam, and boil anywhere. Solar Cooking in clouds and cold? No problem. Breakthrough solar technology that's fast, reliable and portable.

Boil water anywhere. Perfect for tea & coffee. Feeling hungry? Add hot water to dry foods for a warm meal. Once heated, liquids stay hot and ready for hours. You can keep food and drinks hot and ready for as long as 12 hours. The vacuum tube is like a Thermos®, so just keep the stove closed until the time is right!

Don't let moisture ruin your camping trip!
DRY OUT YOUR ELECTRONICS OVER NIGHT Our dryer bag is equipped with patented Bone-Dri Technology that removes moisture from your tablet, laptop or other device in a matter of hours.
REUSABLE WATER DAMAGE REPAIR POUCHES Absorbits moisture absorber phone drying bags can be used multiple times, making them must-have mobile accessories. Simply dry with a hair dryer or clothes dryer on the lowest setting.
EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Featured on NBC as a must-have for hurricane readiness. Don't wait until something happens to prepare for electronics first aid. Stock up on our drying kits and be ready to rescue your laptop and handheld devices from moisture disaster.
IDEAL FOR THE OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST Outdoor activities are often rough on our handheld devices. Having an Absorbits moisture remover pouch on hand can save you time and money when dealing with wet electronics. Padded case also provides extra protection.

Steeped, Inc., based in Santa Cruz, California, is a B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) focused on every detail from farm-to-cup and beyond, to bring people the most convenient, highest quality, and sustainably packaged products available. Steeped Coffee sets a new standard for single-serve brewing methods, one that combines convenience and quality all within Guilt-Free Packaging. The proprietary Steeped Brewing Method delivers 100% freshly roasted, precision ground, and nitro sealed specialty coffee pre-portioned within Steeped Full Immersion Filters. Steeped Coffee is the simplest way to make a perfect cup of coffee by just adding water, with no machine needed making it extra convenient for camping trips!
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