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Fun, and crafty ways to stay busy this summer!

Are you already stressing on how you're going to keep busy this summer while you're "stuck" at home? How about catching up on some craft projects you started and never finished, or maybe trying something new you've never tried before. Either way I have some fun, and crafty ideas to help keep you busy!

First up is a fun twist on the adult coloring books. This time instead of using pencils, markers or some sort of pen to color you get to paint with watercolors! My daughter loves to paint, but always says painting from scratch is to hard. With a watercolor book from Kristy Rice's line now she can fulfill her desire to paint with pre-drawn images. And let me tell you they are beautiful! Like the kind you would want to frame after you're done painting them. They also have a fun array of watercolor notecards that you can purchase already painted (The Watercolor Hug), or blank (The Watercolor Kiss) for painting yourself. Perfect for sending virtual hugs and kisses to your loved ones during this time of social distancing.

Crafts 4 All fabric markers and acrylic paints will keep kids, tweens, and teens creative all summer long.

The 24 pack Professional Grade Fabric Pen Set includes a wide selection of rainbow,earth and fluorescent colors and uses a DEEPLY RICH PIGMENTED German fabric dye ink producing the HIGHEST COLOR PIGMENT RETENTION and create DIY crafts that looks unique and lasts longer than ever before.

Acrylic Paint Set 12 Colors – Highest PREMIUM Quality Raw Materials are specially selected to manufacture our PREMIUM quality Acrylic paint set that outperform the many Alternatives in the market. They are uniquely formulated to bring out the maximum brilliance and color clarity with a buttery consistency for easy mixing and blending.

Clay Play! Animal Favorites 
Full-color illustrations and easy-to-follow directions explain basic techniques as well as every step of the crafting process for 29 clay projects — a sloth, flamingo, narwhal, llama, panda, zebra, unicorn, koala, elephant, and other cute critters. Each project includes a list of materials consisting of colored clay and ordinary household items. The step-by-step instructions feature numerals corresponding to color photos that provide helpful examples. Crafters of all ages will adore these fun-filled projects, which make charming keepsakes and unique gifts.  ISBN: 9780486837918

Wreaths for Every Season: 24 Projects to Make Throughout the Year  
Unique wreaths for your front door — or anywhere in your home — don't need to cost a fortune. This guide provides inspiration and step-by-step instructions for creating 24 beautiful wreaths for any occasion. From a summertime nautical wreath to a winter snowman model plus spring and fall decorations, these customized, inexpensive projects can be made with easy-to-find items and are suitable for crafters at all skill levels. For each season, there is at least one project suitable for a junior crafter.
Each project features a list of supplies, instructions accompanied by full-color photos, and suggested variations for each. Following the project tutorials show you how to create bows, felt flowers, and more! ISBN: 9780486837444

Stealth Aircraft Origami 
Advanced paperfolders can get stealthy with eight finely detailed bombers and fighters. Based on actual American, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese stealth aircraft, the full-color and camouflaged models include:
•  US B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, Northrop Grumman
•  US B-21 Raider Strategic stealth bomber, Northrop Grumman
•  US F-117 Lockheed Martin Nighthawk stealth attack aircraft
•  US F-22 Lockheed Martin Raptor fighter jet
•  US F-35 Lockheed Martin Lightning fighter jet
•  Russian Sukhoi T-50 stealth fighter jet
•  Chinese Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon fighter jet
•  Japanese Mitsubishi X-2 "Spirit of the Heart" fighter jet
Military enthusiasts, history buffs, and experienced origamists will appreciate this unusual opportunity to re-create models based on real aircraft. ISBN: 9780486824246

Printmaking: How to Print Anything on Everything
Before the digital age, printing was a handcraft — and it still is! This guide presents 12 easy-to-follow projects that demonstrate time-honored techniques for decorating gift bags and coasters, transferring images to mugs and t-shirts, and embellishing other items. Suitable for crafters at all levels of ability and of all ages, the projects employ common household items such as cardboard tubes, cork, and rubber erasers.
More than 100 photographs accompany complete directions for the easy and accessible process of relief printing: creating a stencil, inking it up, applying the stencil to the item, and then repeating. An introduction to tools, materials, and equipment is followed by chapters on making your own toolbox, creating art with found and natural objects, printing with your own custom stamps and plates, screen printing and photographic techniques, and more. Each project features helpful tips for turning out a high-quality product and suggestions for adding personal touches. ISBN: 9780486837192

Origami Boxes
Paperfolders can plunge right into their hobby with this beautiful book, which features eight unique, easy-to-make origami boxes of varying shapes and sizes — some with lids, some without — as well as 200 sheets of colorful two-sided, easy-to-remove origami paper. Created by a team of contemporary origami masters, the models are accompanied by full-color photos, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions. Best of all, these boxes are suitable projects for crafters of all skill levels, so anyone can enjoy the pleasures of paperfolding and the satisfaction of creating handmade boxes. ISBN: 9780486841670

Adorable Fruits & Vegetables to Crochet: Delicious Decorations for Your Table
Add some zest to your kitchen d├ęcor with these fun-to-make crocheted ornaments. Suitable for crafters at all skill levels, 24 appealing projects include a banana, complete with a crocheted "skin" that allows you to peel and remove the fruit; a full lemon and one that's cut in half; a pea pod, complete with little removable peas; and other charming fruits and vegetables.
Each project features detailed instructions and is accompanied by full-color photos of the finished item. Also included are suggestions for appropriate types of yarn, stuffing, and other materials as well as the best hooks, needles, and other tools; notes on assembly and finishing touches; and estimates for how long each project takes to complete (most can be crocheted in less than an hour). These cute little crocheted ornaments make charming, unusual gifts for friends and family, too. ISBN: 9780486842776

The above titles can be found on the Dover Publications website for purchase.
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