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Saying Goodbye to Winter

I don't know about you, but where I live here in the mid-west winter is one of those things about half way through you're just ready for it to be over. It's not that I don't like winter, because I do, but only if it's a "real" winter. What do I mean by "real?" Let me explain. When I was growing up I can remember winters where we had snow pretty much every year on Christmas morning. As a child I remember thinking the snow is what really made it winter, and made Christmas all the more memorable. Getting out there and building that first snowman and having snowball fights with friends and family.

Now days we are lucky if we even see snow in December. Heck this "so called" winter we didn't even have enough snow long enough to build a snowman. If anyone did manage to build a snowman I'm sure it wasn't a very big one, and it didn't last more than a few days with the warm temps that always followed the little snows we got. I'm sure there were some that gave it a shot though. I remember several years back my kids getting out there with just a few inches of snow on the ground and making a snowman just so they could say they did it. For reference in this photo my daughter is almost three so that's a pretty short snowman! And as you can see they literally used the snow all the way down to the ground to make it.

So if we aren't going to get some "real" snow then yes, I'm ready for it to be over. I'm ready to move on and get started with spring. Start opening the windows and airing out the house. Doing my usual spring cleaning. And I'm definitely ready to take our first trip in our new camper.

But since we still have a few more weeks until winter is "officially" over I guess I'll find something to pass my time. Like curling up with my cat under my favorite warm and fuzzy Sherpa blanket. I think it's his favorite blanket too because he always seems to end up on my lap as soon as I sit down and cover my legs when I kick back in my recliner. Can't say that I blame him though, I mean it is super soft and fuzzy. And what else is there to do while we wait for spring to officially make it's debut?
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