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5 Ways to Compensate for Lack of Experience for a Wall Street Job

Okay, so you finally got a call from the company you’ve been always wishing to work with. You might be happy as they have offered you the job but wait, there is something called an interview before you could join the company and the main thing important for getting that job is EXPERIENCE, which you do not have!

People often lose for this very reason and that is not good. You often do not get your dream job based on this one reason that you are lacking experience for the job, and this leaves a person with depression - but depression is not the solution. The solution is right here in this article!

Here are some ways to compensate for not having enough experience. This article may help you get your dream job, so leave everything and start reading. Note down all the important things for your future use.

Here are 5 ways to compensate for not having enough experience.

1. Stick To The Point With Your Resume for your Wall Street Job Application

When you are making your resume don’t get too much in detail. You definitely don’t want the employer to get bored while reading what you have done in your life.

Just pick up the points that are important and that may be helpful for you getting to the job you want. For this, what you need to do is just read the job description carefully and take out some keywords that are important and mention them on your resume.

Don’t go too much in detail, you will just get yourself mixed up in a list of people getting rejected.

2. Very Active On Social Media? Use It To Your Advantage!

Now, this is where all that time you have spent on social media will pay off. If your presence on social media networks is high, use that recognition as a plus point when you are in the interview.

This could be done by sharing the posts of the company (in which you are applying) to your profile and other things.

In short, you have to do anything in order to make the employer know how able you are for the job. Going for a job interview at a Wall Street firm is a stressful situation in itself. Check out my review about Wall Street Mastermind here at Shiah Wall Street Review. It’ll help you guide through your decision and whether or not you should go ahead with them or not.

3. Never Forget Your Plus Point.

If you think you are nothing special, then don’t worry - you are not the only person thinking like that. People think they have nothing special in them, but remember, your interviewer doesn’t know that.

When you are in the interview, never let negative thoughts distract you and just think about your specialties. Remember your plus point, it can be anything that makes you perfect for the job you applied for. You have to remember it to stay confident and win the interview.

4. Make Positive Links.

This point can help you loads if you just understand this and get successful in doing this. If you truly want a specific job, then what you have to do is find the hiring manager of this Wall Street firms or the head of the recruitment department on social media - more specifically LinkedIn - and interact with them. If you are able to link up with them properly, then you can get into the company easily.

5. Never Forget - Confidence is The Key!

The last, but not the least, confidence is the real key.

Experience is not that important as is confidence. It often happens that your confidence helps you stand up in difficult conditions, and you win the job with your confidence. So, always keep your head up and be confident with whatever answer you give.

The interview is hardly the only hurdle you’ll have to pass to land your dream job. Many employers will require potential hires to take certain tests, like a job knowledge test, cognitive ability test, and emotional intelligence test. The company may also require job candidates to undergo medical exams and drug testing; hence, make sure that you’re in top shape and you try detoxification programs before applying for a job.

Hopefully, these tips will help you ace your next interview even if you don’t think you have enough experience to land the job. Companies hire inexperienced beginners all the time, so don’t worry too much and just let your natural confidence shine through.
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