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8 Kinds of Shoes Every Fashionista Should Own

The iconic Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” So every girl went shoe shopping to find “the one,” only to realize that she already has more than a hundred pairs. Does that sound familiar?

For men, a reliable pair of black shoes, sneakers, running shoes, and boots are enough to last a lifetime. But for women, it is a whole new world of shoelandia with all sorts of shoe designs in different colors.

It is very easy for ladies to fall into the trap of buying different shoes every season. But would you believe that it is possible to live with only eight pairs of shoes? Shocking? Well, it is just a matter of knowing the staple pieces and investing in a high-quality pair.

Here are the must-have shoe types that every female fashionista should own.

1. Basic Ballet Flats
You can never go wrong with high-quality ballet flats; they’re comfortable and stylish. They can also go along with any clothing of choice: a summer dress, jeans, leggings, shorts, cocktail dresses.

Opt to buy neutral colors, so it is easier to match with all types of clothes. The foldable ballet flats are also an excellent choice as they can easily slip inside the luggage during travel. When everything goes wrong, choose ballet flats.

2. Casual White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers is a relaxed alternative to ballet flats. It’s equally comfortable, and it never goes out of style even after decades. Remember how Princess Diana would be photographed wearing just about anything with a pair of white sneakers? Even after 20 years, every fashionista is still channeling that style.

For the past couple of years, some of the iconic white sneakers from the ’90s have resurfaced,  from brands like Adidas, Tretorn, Fila, and Superga. So why are these designs making a trendy comeback ? One word: classic.

3. Oxfords/Loafers

These shoes are every woman’s laid-back alternative when they want to be comfortable yet still look polished in their office look. Loafers and oxfords have the comfort of ballerina shoes but with an edgy twist. Something about this staple shoe design gives every woman that ultimate boss-babe vibe.

4. Everyday Sandals

Think of them as a sexier and more feminine alternative to flip-flops. They’re comfortable and perfect when you are out and about. Whether they’re strappy, slides, gladiators, or embellished sandals, they should have a place in every woman’s shoe collection.

5. Ankle Booties

Surprisingly, ankle boots aren’t just for the cold weather; they’re also suitable for an everyday look. An excellent pair of ankle boots can go with summer, fall, spring, and winter outfits. It’s a good investment as it never goes out of trend.

6. Knee-High Boots

A classic pair of knee-high boots is not just great in providing warmth during fall, winter, and rainy season, but it makes ladies look polished and chic at the same time. Buying a pair of reliable knee-high boots is practical, especially when the weather gets a little cold.

7. Neutral Pumps

A ladies’ shoe collection will never be complete without a pair of black or nude pumps. They match all sorts of evening looks and dresses. They’re a no-brainer option that every woman can use during date nights, office presentations, weddings, or any formal event.

8. Sophisticated Heels

A pair of seriously sexy heels is a must-have for every woman regardless of her age. Wearing heels will not just elongate those legs but will also be the ultimate confidence booster. There is no need to buy the most expensive Louboutins; just grab a pair with the height that you are comfortable to walk around in.

Declutter and Sell Unnecessary Pairs
Have you decided to trim down that shoe collection and stick only with the staple designs? Don’t feel sorry for those pairs that will be purged. Instead, better hand them down to family members, donate them to charity, or make money out of them by having a garage sale or selling them online.

Selling those preloved but well-loved pairs is also a great way to raise funds. You can use the money to buy classic and quality pairs that are still lacking in your mini-but-staple shoe collection.
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