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Holiday "Security Tips" from Master Lock

Just in time for the holidays the good folks over at Master Lock have come up with some great "secuity tips" that everyone should consider. They've covered everything from when you need to let the house-sitter in while you're away to keeping your belongings secure while traveling.

DIY Package Security Solution: To safeguard packages from “porch pirates,” consider investing in a package delivery box and securing it with the Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth® Padlock (top left) as an affordable way to keep porch pirates at bay.

Holiday Security Tips:

  1. Keep An Eye On The House – Security cameras and video doorbells can often be inexpensive, convenient and easy-to-install options for homeowners to keep an eye on packages and monitor for suspicious activity, often through a smartphone app. For those traveling or seeking a low-tech option, ask a trusted neighbor to check in on the house and offer to do the same for them.

  2. Conceal Keys – Homeowners may need friends or family members to take care of pets or plants while traveling, but don’t try to “hide” a key for them. It’s a major security risk because thieves know all the right places to look—under the mat, above the door frame, beneath that plastic rock, etc. Consider a lock box like the Master Lock Bluetooth® Lock Box (top right) to keep keys secure and easily manage access via smartphone app.

  3. Secure Valuables – Most people hide their valuables in one of three places—a dresser drawer, the bedroom closet or the basement. Thieves know this, so it’s better to invest in a proper home safe like the SentrySafe X055 Digital Security Safe to protect jewelry, firearms, cash and other valuables.

  4. Play It Safe In Parking Lots – It may be tempting to throw new purchases in the backseat after spending hours in the mall or to use the first parking spot in sight, but keeping purchases hidden in the trunk or under a blanket and parking close to lights or entrances can help keep both consumers and their holiday purchases safe, as parking lots are often vast and poorly-lit.

  5. Lock Luggage – Traveling for the holidays? Be sure to secure luggage with a luggage lock approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) like the Master Lock TSA-Accepted Luggage Lock so airport security can access the suitcase without breaking, cutting or damaging the lock.

  6. Take Care With Hotel Safes - Many hotels are trustworthy and have safes in hotel rooms where you can keep valuables while you are there. However, it’s important to remember that staff will likely still have a master key. Don’t trust the staff? Don’t put your valuables in a safe. Using a third-party luggage storage service could be more secure.

Following these security tips will ensure that your holidays aren’t ruined by being targeted by thieves. At the very least, they should provide peace of mind so that you can enjoy your holidays without worrying about your personal possessions being stolen. 
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