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Holiday Gifts for your Pets

Like many others we see our pets as part of our family. And that means they deserve gifts for the holidays too. Whether it be a nice new toy, a tasty treat, or even a fresh litter-box for your beloved fur-ball we like to show them they are well loved!

Give your dog the gift of stimulating and paw-able fun with Milk-Bone Wonder Bones. Wonder Bones distinct shape allow bones to rock and wobble to make for long-lasting treats designed to make chewing a rewarding challenge. Made with no artificial flavors, USA-raised beef or chicken, without meat by-product meal, Wonder Bones are easy on the digestive system.

Milk-Bone – GnawBones come in two distinct shapes, sticks and bones and are 100% rawhide free. They are made with real chicken and are wrapped with real meat. Not only are they easy on the digestive system but the continuous chewing action helps clean your dogs teeth too. Both make excellent holiday treats for your beloved pup!

Learn more and purchase Milk-Bone Wonder Bones and GnawBones.

The Gingerloaf House from Cat in the Box is for kitties who just love the holiday season and can't wait to get into the spirit. The kit comes with a cardboard gingerbread house, and a large sheet of "candy" stickers to decorate it with. Gingerloaf House is an eco-friendly product, made of completely recycled cardboard. Inks are soy-based and designed to be used in human food packaging. Toners are FDA approved for direct contact with human food. The boxes and inks are made in the USA.

Assembled, the Gingerloaf House is approximately 17-3/4" H 13-1/4" W and deep. The door is roughly 8-3/4" H by 7-1/4" W. The sticker sheet is huge: roughly 16-3/4" by 12" and contains 134 individual stickers.

Learn more and purchase cat house from Cat in the Box online.

Heed Foods is breaking into the pup food industry with a new digestive kibble for that pup in your life. Whether your pup is on a grain-free diet or not, Heed's kibble has an option for you and choose from a 4.5lb bag or a 10lb bag. Made from fresh meat packed with natural vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal digestive health. Blended with prebiotics derived from Chicory Root and Sugar Beet that nourish the growth of good bacteria, pup parents are sure to be feeding the best kibble to their pup.

With every purchase of kibble, Heed provides customers with one of their flavorful Human-Grade Toppers, which can also be purchased separately, providing your pup with three new and different flavor at every meal.

DOGTV is the only technology created specifically for dogs to help them relax and to entertain them when their pet parents have to leave the home and leave their dogs home alone. The sights and sounds that DOGTV provides enriches the dogs’ environment and allows them to experience happy stimulation and relaxation. Over 1 million happy dogs love and trust DOGTV every day. 

Be sure to check out the special DOGTV gift box available for the holidays. The box includes: 6-month DOGTV Subscription ($59.94 value) Roku Express ($29.99 value) Zippy Paws Santa Dog Toy ($9.99 value) Only Natural Pet Dog Treats ($9.99 value) DOGTV Poop Bag Dispenser ($4.99 value) DOGTV Water Bowl ($4.99 value) - all for only $67.95!

The Snuggle Puppy is an all-natural solution for pet anxiety, whether that be transitioning to a new home, crate training, separation anxiety, thunderstorms and more. It soothes pets by mimicking maternal intimacy through a “real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and physical warmth. Beyond helping animals, the Snuggle Puppy adds the value of a good night’s sleep for many new puppy owners. All of this makes it a perfect gift, especially for new pet owners!

The “real-feel” pulsing heartbeat comes with 2 AAA batteries that last up to 2 weeks with continuous 24/7 use. The hearts on/off button allows for use when needed. Included with your Snuggle Puppy is one disposable warmer pack (non-toxic, safe for people and pets, each pack lasts 24 hours) for an extra source of comfort for your pet.

Cat's love scratching the Scratchy Ramp so much, it will be their go-to scratching spot, saving carpet and furniture damage. The angle of the Scratchy Ramp allows your cat to scratch with all 4 paws helping to prevent nail thickening front and back. And if your cat is overweight, has joint issues or is aging, they may have trouble reaching the bed or couch. With Scratchy Ramp you can help your cats with mobility issues. Scratchy Ramp is an all-in-one cat approved scratcher and ramp that allows them to stay out of trouble by not using your furniture as a scratching post, and reach their favorite spots to rest.

The Pet Cave is a cozy and comfortable bed handmade in Nepal from all natural New Zealand wool. Each Cave is made with love with the highest quality wool available to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy. Easy to clean with lukewarm water: merino wool is not only soft and flexible, it offers natural properties to keep your cats and kittens cleaner and smelling better.

The Bully Buddy from Bow Wow Labs is a durable, easy-to-use, veterinarian-vetted, and dog-approved device that tightly secures bully sticks, preventing dogs from choking on the tail-end of the treat. Available in different sizes for dogs under 15 lbs. to over 100 lbs. Made to fit Bow Wow Labs (BWL) premium, hand-selected bully sticks. Simple tightening screw locks BWL bully sticks in place.

Starter Kit Includes:
1 Bully Buddy - choose the right size based on your dog's weight
1 pack of 5 Bow Wow Labs premium, 6" bully sticks that match your size Bully Buddy
1 sealable stay-fresh jar

Make sure you're pet is looking (and smelling) their best for holiday visitors with Pet Ear Cleaner and Pet Deodorizer from Oxyfresh.

Advanced Care Pet Ear Treatment
Veterinarian-Approved, Alcohol-Free Pet Ear Cleaner
Say fur-well to stinky dog ears. Our best-in-show ear cleaner is a safe, gentle and effective solution for dogs and cats. It's the quickest and easiest way to soothe itchy, irritated ears and remove wax buildup, dirt and mites, leaving them with fresh and clean ears.

Pet Deodorizer
It's time to stop masking those pesky pet odors. Our secret, fast-acting ingredient Oxygene® effectively eliminates bad pet smells and helps keep pets and home fresh. This safe, non-toxic formula is the first line of defense to eliminate pet odors at their source. Oh, and did we mention? No overpowering breezy fragrances ... It's fragrance free.

This year treat your pup with a Pure Earth Pets Box delivered right to your door. Filled with treats and toys both your dog and the Earth will love! Each month, a curated biodegradable box is filled to the brim with eco-friendly and natural products for your furry friend!

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than they love themselves. Love your pet and the Earth more with a curated collection of Eco-friendly and dog approved treats, toys & more! Boxes are available in one month all the way up to twelve month subscriptions. Your pup is sure to love what's inside so check one out today!

Just in time for the holiday season Cloud Star and Dogswell are releasing the perfect stocking stuffer for your furry BFF. All their treats are grain-free, so your pup doesn’t have to stress about fitting into their cute holiday sweater 😉 and you don’t have to worry about sacrificing their healthy diet.

• Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less Holiday Mini Biscuits: Gingerbread and Honey Baked Ham
• Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less Holiday Mini Jerky: Turkey & Cranberry and Duck & Apple
• Dogswell Vitality Holiday Mini Jerky: Turducken, Chicken and Beef.

For the cat lovers, Tiki Cat is releasing a limited-edition holiday gift set only available in Petco from November 10 through December 26. This gift set includes a variety of Tiki Cat products, from Broths to Stix to wet food and more (a $25 value, on sale for $19.99!)

EcoKind Pet Treats is a family-owned and operated company that brings you the best, most healthy, all-natural pet treats on the market today! All of their treats are hand-picked as well as USDA and FDA approved. At EcoKind Pet Treats they never, ever skimp on quality. They want your pooch to be as happy and healthy as you do and focus all our efforts to achieve that goal.

Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chews™ sticks are healthy, delicious premium organic chews that keep your dog busy enjoying the sticks. They are made out of totally natural material hence they are easily digestible.

EcoKind Chews are 100% natural, no preservatives and fully digestible natural and 100% digestible dog chew that is a great alternative to raw hide. Their cows contain nothing but just cow ears no preservatives, chemicals or anything else you wouldn't want to give your pooch yourself they are simple, single ingredient chews that your dog with love. Don't forget that these chews will help clean your dog's teeth and gums too a healthy treat our cow ear chews are great for your dog's diet as a low fat anytime treat. Sourced from free range Brazilian cattle, you can rest assured the quality is second to none.

Make nail clipping a breeze with Zen Clipper just in time for holiday guests. No more apoligizing for guests getting scratched by an excited puppy or kitty. With perfectly sized (and smartly designed) pet nail clippers, animal nail trims are easier, faster, and safer—and less stressful for you and your pet. The conical design—which comes in seven sizes to suit your pet (from small birds and lizards up to large dogs)— prevents over-cutting and protects the super-sensitive quick. They are the perfect gift for both you and your pet!

KITTY POO CLUB is an all in one litter and litter box subscription service. It’s that part of cat ownership no one likes to talk about, but if you’re bringing home a new cat, you need a litter box. If you are averse to odor, or don’t love the idea of clumping and scooping, or find kitty litter heavy and hard to buy - - ENTER KITTY POO CLUB! For less than some folks pay for regular kitty litter, you can sign up for monthly deliveries of an all-in-one kitty litter system that takes the “ew” out of “meow.” Kitty Poo Club is the Dollar Shave Club of the cat owner world. Each month ($21.49 per month), Kitty Poo Club members receive a box made from 100% recycled materials, along with Kitty Poo’s exclusive odor-destroying litter. And shipping is free. At the end of the month, the entire box gets closed and thrown away. See what 36,000 customers per month are raving about!

I and love and you” holistic pet food brand has a super cute Holiday Box if your dog made the “nice list” this year – it’s the easiest way to spoil your pup with everything they need this holiday season. Each box contains three bags of their most popular delicious treats, as well as an ugly sweater bandanna, so they can participate in the ugly sweater parties of course.

Organics Turkey with Potato & Carrots Dinner from Evanger's USA combines turkey with organic market-fresh vegetables to create a wholesome dinner. Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages, Organics Turkey with Potato & Carrots Dinner is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and GMO, hormone, antibiotic and grain free.

One Ingredient: Turkey and Nothing Else from Against the Grain, with unique loaf-in-gravy texture is unlike any other product on the shelves. Ingredients are singular, which means this entire product line is grain & gluten free, no gums, corn, wheat, soy or water added. Made in the USA, One Ingredient: Nothing Else is 100% Paleo. Also available Beef, Salmon, Chicken, Duck and Pork.
One Ingredient: Turkey and Nothing Else.

Learn more and purchase Against the Grain and Evanger's products online.

The Missing Link® Smartmouth™ Dental Chews are a multi-functional textured chew that cleans teeth and delivers daily health benefits. The unique ridges help fight plaque and tartar buildup and the textured groves help deep clean teeth for fresh breath. The balanced omegas promote healthy skin and shiny coat, while the glucosamine helps support mobility and hip and joint health. 

Available in three sizes:
Large/Extra Large Adult Dogs
Small/Medium Adult Dogs
Petite/Extra Small Adult Dogs

Learn more and purchase The Missing Link products online.
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