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Gifts for the Holidays: Toys & Games Edition

Are you ready to learn about some toys and games that are sure to be a hit this holiday season? Then grab your cup of hot cocoa and join me as I share some with you! We have everything from board games to the ever popular blind bag toys, and even hot new gifts from Crayola!

Calico Critters, the globally popular series, first introduced in 1985, features beautiful, richly detailed animal figures that live like humans with a focus on “Nature, Family and Love.”

Elegant Town Manor Gift Set (bottom left), Ages 6+/ $99.95
Stella Hopscotch Rabbit upgrades her home with a stylish two-story manor in the Elegant Town Manor Gift Set.  It features a gold-stained chandelier hanging down from the new home’s high ceiling, furniture, windows, railings, a terrace, balcony, spiral staircase, and a detachable roof that can be placed on other Town buildings. The Elegant Town Manor Gift Set can also connect to the Designer Studio to create Stella’s Grand Residence. This gift set comes complete with a specially outfitted Stella character. 

Designer Studio (top left), Ages 6+/ $39.95
Stella Hopscotch Rabbit’s original home is a stylish Designer Studio featuring a luxurious sofa, tiny table and tea set.  This play set comes complete with a specially outfitted Stella character. Just like all the individual play sets, the Designer Studio can be connected to the other Town structures.  

Red Roof Cozy Cottage (bottom right),  Ages 3+/ $29.95
Comfortable, cozy and close to the Village! The Red Roof Cozy Cottage is the perfect starter home for children to build their world of imagination.  Bell Hopscotch is ready to play house in her quaint home, furnished with a bed, kitchen sink, stove/oven, food, tables, chairs and more!  Kids can connect the Cozy Cottage to the Sweet Raspberry Home and Country Home for even more creativity and fun.

The new Nursery collection features sweet new Baby Critters and specially designed environments.

Blind Bags - Baby Party Series (bottom), Ages 3+/ $4.95 each
Blind bags add the element of surprise to Calico Critters play!  Hidden in each bag is a new Baby Party critter that children can add to their nursery collection. They won’t know which critter is inside until they open the bag. Each bag includes a Baby Critter and uniquely designed party accessories. The collection includes nine new collectable babies to complete the party:  Maple Cat baby with a bouquet of flowers, Sweetpea Rabbit baby with party hat and tambourine, Toy Poodle baby playing the piano, Persian Cat baby with a birthday cake, Sandy Cat baby with bowling set, Cuddle Bear baby with horseshoes, Woolly Alpaca baby with a gift, Fluffy Hamster baby with confetti shooter, and last but not least, the exclusive secret style Baby Critter to add more fun to the festivities!

Nursey Friends Set (top left) Ages 3+/ $ 12.95
Children can now get a few of their favorite Baby Critters ready for nursery school. The Nursery Friends set includes three Baby Critters with their school uniforms, along with some accessories for the day: Grace Hopscotch Rabbit wearing a cute red hat, Luke Hazelnut Chipmunk with a water bottle and Bonnie Persian Cat with her pink backpack.

Baby Ferris Wheel (top center) Ages 3 +/ $17.95
Children can take the Baby Critters for some outdoor fun at the amusement park on this sweet little Ferris Wheel. They can open the gondola doors and have the Baby Critters hop on the carts for a ride on the spinning wheel. The Ferris Wheel includes three gondola doors and Toy Poodle baby Milo who is ready to play! 

Learn more and purchase Calico Critters toys online.

Aquabeads arts and crafts products are new and improved as they allow for a quicker drying time to create even more incredible designs.  The new sets feature an innovative Flip Tray and Bead Receiver to set art work aside for faster drying while continuing to create additional masterpieces. Kids make Aquabeads creations from included templates or their own imaginations. They place beads onto the layout tray, then spray with water to fuse the beads together.  Once dried, the creations can be shared with friends and family.

Deluxe Studio (left), Ages 4+/ $29.95
Kids can double the fun with the Deluxe Studio as they can now create fun 3D designs with 2 flip trays This Deluxe set contains more than 1,300 jewel & solid beads in 24 colors, a container, and two flip trays and bead receivers, rainbow bead pen, easy trays, sprayer, template sheets & instructions. This set connects to the Beginners Studio or Glamorous Designer Set for even more fun!

Beginners Studio (right), Ages 4+/ $19.95
Kids can get started with the Beginners Studio. They can create designs even faster than before using the flip tray to let one creation dry, as they work on another. With more than 840 shining jewels and solid beads in 16 colors, there are plenty of options for creative play. Beginners Studio includes the case, flip tray with bead receiver, sprayer, bead pen, template sheets and instructions to ensure kids have everything to get started. As kids collect studios for more fun, they can connect them for easy storage and travel!

Learn more and purchase Aquabeads products online.

If you ask me Christmas isn't complete without something from Crayola wrapped up under the tree, like the new Scribble Scrubbie Safari Set. Or even enjoyed in the days leading up to Christmas like the Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar. No matter how you look at it Crayola just makes Christmas brighter!

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari
Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari includes adorable, colorable and washable pet figures that kids can customize with color, wash in the kid-powered oasis Tub, and color again. Following the popularity of Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets, the Safari features all new safari-themed pets that kids can color customize with the six included Scribble Scrubbie Ultra Clean Washable Markers. When they are ready for a color change, they can brush their Safari pets clean in the kid-powered oasis tub, dry them off and start over. In addition to the four safari pets included, there are additional expansion packs (sold separately) for a total of 12 adorable safari animals that kids can collect and customize again and again. The set includes four all new safari pets including a monkey, an elephant, giraffe and lion, kid-powered hand-pump oasis tub with a fun slide attachment, a scrub brush and six Scribble Scrubbie Washable markers.

Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Advent Calendar 
The Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Advent Calendar inspires creativity with 24 daily holiday crafts to make as they wait for Santa's arrival. Each of the numbered calendar "doors" opens to reveal a fun Crayola item and corresponding activity for kids. The calendar is a wonderful way to keep up the holiday spirit and create mementos to keep or give as gifts. Great gift for girls and boys, ages 3 & up.

Learn more and purchase Crayola products online.

PlayMonster has fun and games for all ages!

Fuzzikins™ Camper Van is a craft and a playset in one! These flocked (fuzzy!) kitties are like blank canvases, so children can use the included washable markers to color and create their very own kitty friends! Then, they can rinse them to remove the marker and redesign them once they’re dry! Each kit is full of creative fun! Design the 9.75″ camper van with the included color-in stickers and go on adventures with your cats! Customize van with color-in stickers. The van is also a carrying case!

Five Crowns is a five-suited rummy-style card game that appeals to a wide array of card players! This award-winning, classic game is a quick favorite features a unique double deck that contains five suits: spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds and stars! This special deck makes it easier to arrange your entire hand into books and runs. The rotating wild card keeps players on their toes! The game begins with three cards and 3s are wild, the next round has four cards and 4s are wild, and so on ‘til the Kings go wild! Make the right combinations, be the first to go out, then watch players scramble as they get one last chance to cut their losses! It’s a fun and addictive family game that provides great interaction for kids and adults! For 1 to 7 players.

Karma is playfully competitive and infectiously fun! Race to get rid of all your cards by playing a card of equal or higher value, but watch out…if you can’t play a card, you have to take the whole discard pile! Luckily, there are Karma cards that could get you out of trouble…and maybe cause trouble for someone else! Use them wisely, because “what goes around comes around”! It’s a game of elimination, with multiple winners, and is a blast for the whole family! For 2 to 6 players (combine two games to accommodate up to 12 players).

Quiddler is easy to learn and fun for everyone! Because it’s The SHORT Word Game®, it attracts non-word-game players as well as people who love word games! The goal is to arrange all the cards in your hand into one or more words. The number of cards dealt increases each round – starting with three cards and ending with 10 cards. High score wins, so use your high point letters and Quiddler’s unique double letter cards — but don’t get caught with them in your hand! Aim for the bonuses—one for the most words and one for the longest word! It’s great for families and parties! Plus, it sharpens skills like spelling, vocabulary and critical thinking, so teachers love it, too! For 1 to 8 players.

Learn more and purchase PlayMonster products online.

How about a quick game of Freestyle Barrel Toss? It's sure to be a hit with the entire family.

This fun game is played by throwing and deflecting the flying disk into the barrels. Compact and portable all of the parts fit inside the convenient carry pouch. Quick set-up in a matter of minutes makes this a game everyone will love. Set includes 2 pop-up barrels, 1 flying disk, 6 pegs (to secure the barrels in the ground), and instructions.

Learn more and purchase products from Outside Inside Gifts online.

Kids’ and collectors’ favorite characters will spring into action with the coolest new affordable collectible -- Pulp Heroes from Far Out Toys! The flat, spring-loaded popular characters literally snap out of the story into a 3-D form when ejected from their colorful, comic book-themed protective sleeves! The Pulp Heroes line will debut with some of the most popular Marvel characters including Spiderman and Ironman and new items based on the hottest licenses will be introduced each season including beloved Star Wars characters in October.  Collectors will be encouraged to post “fan films” starring their Pulp Heroes and share them on YouTube. Pulp Heroes Snap Bots are for collectors of all ages; kids just starting their collection or core fans who are looking to evolve their collections and everyone in between! Pulp Heroes Snap Bots are available for $5.99-$9.99 and are suitable for kids ages 5+.

Learn more and purchase Pulp Heroes online.

TOMY is delighted to bring some “out-of-this-world” fun to the holiday season with the introduction of Rizmo. Rizmo is the first-ever "Evolving Toy" that listens, learns, remembers and grows. Rizmo, whose name is a mix of Rhythm and Monster, is in search of love, music, and dance.

This cute musical friend has traveled far to get your cuddles and share a love for music and dance, but Rizmo needs your help to evolve. This plush toy loves to play, and the more you play together the faster it magically grows! Rizmo plays 7 fun games with changing eye colors to show which game you’re playing. Sing tunes and hear your Rizmo musical toy sing back to you or have a dance party! This adorable colorful toy can even remember some songs forever and sing them back to you when you need it. What a magical friend!

Learn more and purchase Rizmo online.

Check out these fun activities from Silver Dolphin Books. They have something that's sure to be a fit no matter the age you're shopping for. From the early years on up through the teenage years there's sure to be something that will peek your kiddos interest. Here's a few ideas to get you started!

Kaleidoscope: Too Cute! Coloring
Doodle, color, and design adorable narwhals, fabulous unicorns, loony llamas, and more with the six pastel markers contained in this kit! With instructional hints to make your designs uniquely you and plenty of pages waiting for a creative touch, this kit is a wonderful gift for artists of all kinds. With tear-out pages so you can display your masterpieces when you’re finished, this kit is bright, bubbly, and just too cute!

The Anti-Boredom Activity Book
Color-by-number, connect the dots, doodling, mazes…The Anti-Boredom Activity Book is full of activities that are sure to entertain kids for hours. Perfect for rainy days, vacations, car rides, and more.

Creative Kits: Pom-Pom Pets
Create adorable animal friends with this fun kit! With eight beads, four mini pom poms, two squares of foam, three squares of felt, and three pipe cleaners, kids can make everything from a penguin to a panda with all of the classic pet favorites thrown in: puppy, kitten, bunny, and more! The book provides techniques and easy to follow step-by-step instructions for making a variety of pets, so dive right in and get ready for the most precious Pom Pom crafts!

Friends That Go Stroller Cards
Babies will be entertained by these sweet and portable Friends that Go stroller cards. Each double-sided card features colorful illustrations and introduces a mode of transportation with a friendly animal friend. The ten shaped cards are held securely together with a teething ring, and also includes a ribbon so they can easily be attached to a stroller or car seat. Babies will be amused and delighted by this introduction to vehicles, and will have fun flipping and turning the cards!

Learn more and purchase Silver Dolphin Books online.

Flashback to the good ole days of classic kids board games from Winning Moves Games. These are the original versions from when I was growing up, and boy do they bring back some good memories!

Hi-Ho! Cherry-O® Classic
A classic child's counting game for over 50 years! Children develop and practice math skills like counting, addition and subtraction by picking fruit from their trees to fill their buckets. Ho-Ho and away we go!

Chutes And Ladders® Classic
Climb up and slide down in the exciting game of ups and downs, Chutes and Ladders! You and the character on your pawn can see the square marked 100, but it's not so easy to get there. If you land on a good deed, you can shimmy up a ladder, but land on the wrong spot and you'll shoot down a chute! Spin the spinner to see how many spots you'll move. Will your new spot send you down or move you up, up, up?

Candy Land® Classic Edition
Dial the time machine back to 1967 with this Classic Edition Candy Land game! This edition of the classic game is a “sweet” way for young children to have fun and learn at the same time. The adventure takes you on a wonderful journey, traveling past the Crooked Old Peanut Brittle House, and Lollypop Woods until you eventually reach Home Sweet Home.

Learn more and purchase Winning Moves Games online.

Maybe classic games for the younger crowd isn't what you're looking for. And that's okay! Winning Moves Games also has a vast selection of family games and even a fun line of Rubik's products to choose from. Honestly you could shop for your whole family all in one place!

Rubik's Junior Puppy
The Rubik's Junior Puppy is ideal for little problem solvers. The adorable and twistable puppy is an easy-to-grip, 3x2x1, puzzle. With three levels of play, the puzzle grows with your child's developmental skills. Solving the Rubik's Junior Puppy will help prepare young cubers for more challenging puzzles like the world-famous original 3x3 Rubik's Cube.

Rubik's Twist Key Ring
The Rubik's Twist Key Ring works like the original Rubik's Twist. It's a twisting puzzle challenge that takes the form of thousands of shapes. Clip it to your keys, backpack or bag and you'll always have something to puzzle, twist, and fidget with wherever you go.

Scattergories 30th Anniversary Edition
The game of Scattergories took the country by storm when it was first launched in 1989. This classic reproduction features the components and categories found in that original Scattergories game. The mechanical timer has 3 different settings so players can set it for more time (for an easier round) roles time when they want more of challenge.

The original and ultimate Stockpile card game! Created in 1905 this American classic is back to entertain a whole new generation of card game players. If you’re the first player to play all your cards in sequential order, you win!

Learn more and purchase Winning Moves Games online.

Introducing Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty! I'm sure by now you've heard of the epic kitty that's part unicorn and part butterfly right? If not by the time Christmas gets here I'm sure you will because she's one popular kitty. I mean she really is the cats meow! Soft, cute, and cuddly all wrapped up in one.

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty is an animated series about a spirited and adorable kitty named Felicity who acquires magical powers. Part Rainbow, part Butterfly, part Unicorn and 100% Kitty, Felicity goes on amazing adventures with her best friends Miguel, Athena and Yana the Yeti across a magical mashup world!

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Action Power Paws
Now you can unleash your inner hero just like Felicity! These oversized rainbow kitty paws are motion-activated and have light up rainbow claws & sounds! Power up with these super-soft plush paws and become fierce and fearless like Felicity! For Ages 3+

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Vision Mask
Find your inner hero as you play out Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty stories with this ultra-cool mask inspired from the show! Look through the prisma lenses to reveal a rainbow colored world and activate the light up unicorn horn for Unicorn power. Every young super hero will love recreating her favorite scenes, telling new tales and discovering their own powers using this mask. For Ages 3+

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 9 Lives Surprise
There's plenty of unboxing fun with the all-new Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 9 lives surprise. Just twist the lid to pop open and transform each Kitty can into a multi-level mini-playset. In each 9 lives surprise, you'll discover 9 positively awesome surprises including two collectible mini-figures, 6 adorable collectible accessories and a decorative sticker pack. With over 55 pieces to collect, you can design, style and customize each mini-playset to be perfectly yours. (*5 styles to collect, each sold separately and items may vary). patented design. For ages 4+

Learn more and purchase Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty products online.

Created by regular Dad Adam Reed, Reindeer In Here is a new Christmas friend who helps celebrate each child’s individuality and champions the phrase DIFFERENT IS NORMAL! Dad made and parent approved, the product includes a plush reindeer and book set and focuses on encouraging children to celebrate everything that makes them unique all season long.

★ A story that reflects who we are as a society today; A narrative that not only acknowledges our individuality, but champions the notion that being different is normal wherein children can celebrate their own differences, and the differences of others all through a little holiday magic brought forth by our Reindeer.
★ More than just a children’s book, and so much more than a plush toy, the story is a reflection of our diversity, a celebration of our differences and an experience that affects children for the better in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Learn more and purchase Reindeer In Here online.

This Foam Building Blocks Set from Premium Joy is perfect for those kiddos that love to build. Each set includes 68 soft foam pieces in six vibrant colors, and eight different shapes, with each piece having a thickness of 5/3" (1.66"). The blocks are carefully packed into a tote bag for easy storage and moving around.

This Foam Buildings Blocks Set sends kids’ imaginations soaring. Stack them high in a tower or make a fortress from squares, triangles, semicircles and more. Foam blocks are made out of sturdy, long-lasting, quality foam. Not only is the foam extra durable, but it also comes in vibrant colors. Soft building blocks come in fun, colorful shapes and allow children to dream up an endless variety of creations. 

Learn more and purchase Premium Joy Foam Building Blocks Set online.

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