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Deluxe True Timber® Ground Blind

Do you know someone that enjoys hunting? In my house that would be my husband and both of my kids. That's one of the things they've grown up enjoying with their dad over the years. And it's been a wonderful bonding experience for them. I'm not really into hunting myself, but I enjoy hearing their stories and reaping the benefits. Over the years I've learned quite a bit about hunting and all that goes with it. And one thing that is a definite must is a good hunting blind. Especially when the weather is wet or cooler. There are a few different types of blinds out there and today I'm going to be telling you about an awesome ground blind we recently got from Backyard Expressions.

The Deluxe True Timber® Ground Blind I have to say is quite the ground blind. Unlike most ground blinds that have a temporary pop-up style frame this one has a heavy duty permanent 5' x 5' x 7' steel frame. And it even has a peaked roof to prevent snow and ice build up. We were very impressed with the quality of the frame and how easy it all went together. And once assembled it holds tight together even when you're moving it from one place to another. And as you can see there's plenty of room to walk around inside of it too. My husband is 5'8" and he has plenty of head-space. The blind comes equipped with a 900 D polyester oxford weave fabric roof and side wrap that when installed keeps the wind and weather at bay. My husband and daughter put the whole thing together in no time while I sat back and watched. Honestly it was so easy they didn't even need my help, and I probably would have just been in the way.

The outer fabric is a True Timber pattern and features brush straps to attach branches and brush for added concealment. We didn't add any brush since the blind isn't in it's final home quite yet and we weren't quite ready to use it. I had them put it together in the back yard so I could get good clear photos, but soon it will be moved into the woods where we will then add some brush so it will blend in. The fabric pieces are pretty simple to put on and take off making it really easy to move just the frame if needed. I will note that when you're putting on the roof make sure you take note of the one corner that unzips and put it on last. The roof fabric is a tight fit, which is good so it doesn't move in the wind, but it also makes it snug putting it on that last corner. The wrap around fabric piece allows you to decide which side you want the door to open on and is also very easy to install. Just be sure you have the corners lined up as you wrap it around and do one side at a time. Otherwise you'll be short on fabric and won't be able to zip it shut. Once you have it all ready to go you can then make use of the unique anchoring system that's included. Then you'll be worry free when those gusts of wind whip out of nowhere.

The blind features two windows on each wall providing you with a 360 degree shooting experience. The toggle closure windows are long lasting, and quieter to open than velcro or zippers. The toggles are super easy to fasten and easy to quietly unfasten to open the windows for premium viewing. My husband really liked that you have the ability to open the windows from the top down or from one of the corners for an angled view. This is great if you don't want to be too visible or if it's raining or chilly out to help keep the inside warm and cozy.

And when it comes to added features this thing has them all. It's even equipped with a gun holder, bow holder and cup holder all within reach from your favorite hunting chair inside the blind. The bow holder would also be great for hanging a small lantern if you need a little light inside, or your favorite bug repellent system.

On the overall as I'm sure you'll probably agree this is a pretty awesome ground blind. It has all of the basics as well as bonus features you probably didn't even know you wanted!
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