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Classic Sunflower Bird Feeder with Ring Pull Advantage

One of my favorite things to do on cool fall mornings is to sit in my recliner with a cup of coffee and watch the birds out the front window. Honestly there's nothing more relaxing and rewarding than watching them feast on the wild bird seed I've put outside for them. Especially when the weather gets colder and their supply isn't as plentiful when snow starts to cover the ground. If you enjoy feeding and watching birds like I do you'll love the wide assortment of bird feeders, like the one featured above from Droll Yankees. They've been making bird feeders longer than I've been alive, and that's over 40 years!

The A-6F Classic Bird Feeder, invented in 1969, was the first tubular bird feeder. This updated version, A-6RP Classic Sunflower bird Feeder, stays true to the iconic classic while adding the Ring Pull Advantage feature for easy cleaning.

Now it’s easier than ever to give songbirds just what they need – fresh food from a clean, hygienic feeder. Droll Yankees Ring Pull Feeders offer a fresh, modern, no tools needed approach to cleaning with the Ring Pull Advantage.

• Simply pull the ring to disassemble the feeder in seconds – No tools needed!
• Ports for all seed types protect the tube against squirrel damage
• Detachable cap allows removal of all parts
• Original silver color
• UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube
• Durable metal parts that resist damage from squirrels
• Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage
• Made in the U.S.A

Learn more and purchase the Classic Sunflower Bird Feeder today!

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