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Smoothies made easy with the Rosewill Personal Blender

It's summer and it's hot! There's no getting around the heat this time of year so why not make the best of it with an ice cold smoothie? No I'm not talking about the ones you pick up in a drive-thru, I'm talking about making them at home. It's honestly easier then you're probably thinking. With a few simple ingredients, you probably already have at home, and a handy personal blender like this one from Rosewill you'll be enjoying that smoothie in a matter of minutes.

Here's a quick and simple rundown of how I made this tasty smoothie at home:

Step 1: I used Old Orchard Strawberry Watermelon juice that I had in the refrigerator to make some juice ice cubes. (Yes that has to be done ahead of time so get that juice freezing now!) This gives your smoothie that full-flavor vs. using regular ice cubes that would water it down.

Step 2: Once the ice cubes are frozen you're ready to get started. Now pop them all into your personal blender.

Step 3: Add some of the juice you used to make the ice cubes (or another flavor if you're feeling adventurous) to the blender. I just added a couple inches to the blender bottle. You can always add more if you want your smoothie thinner once you've done your blending.

Step 4: Then I added in a few pieces of watermelon and strawberries to give it that fresh fruit flavor.


And wallah you have yourself a strawberry watermelon smoothie! You can enjoy your freshly made smoothie right from the blender bottle or use a mason jar and add a few pieces of fruit to the top if you're feeling fancy. The nice thing about home blending is you're in control of the flavor. You can add any kind of juice and fruit you like, and as much as you like to get the smoothie of your dreams!

Or if you're my daughter you'd opt to skip the fruity smoothie and use chocolate chip ice cream, milk and a few Oreo cookies in the blender and make you're own Oreo Chocolate Chip Shake at home. The 120 volt blender with its 300 watt motor and 4 food grade stainless steel blades even made chopping up cookies a breeze!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own smoothies and shakes at home. And with a handy appliance like the Rosewill Personal Blender blending it all together is a breeze. The blender even comes with two 20 ounce BPA free impact-resistant Tritan blender sport bottles with spill-proof resealable lids. So you can even take your creation on the go just like those ones from a drive-thru....but even better!
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