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It's time to start Back to School Shopping!

For us back to school is under a month away and that means we are in full back to school shopping mode. My daughter already has her backpack and a few basic essentials already packed inside. And as of this morning she's been officially registered for the eighth grade! Talk about a nervous mamma heading into my daughter's last year of middle school. For those of you out there that have some back to school (from grade school to college) shopping to do here are some great products I've found that are sure to be a hit.

First up is the Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp. It's the perfect desk or headboard lamp making it great for students of all ages.

With the Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp you get super bright daylight LED illumination and air circulation right at your fingertips! There are 3 color modes (warm light, cool light and natural daylight) and 5 brightness settings to brighten your work area. Paired with a rubberized flexible neck that allows you to position light exactly where it’s needed. The 3-speed bladeless fan features a cool illumination effect providing you with added airflow on those stuff days. The touch activated panel controls selection of the light mode, brightness settings and fan speed.  With OttLite you’ll see every color accurately and detail clearly with reduced glare and eyestrain making it great for those late night study sessions.

The Rocabi Weighted Blanket offers so many great benefits wrapped up on one simple blanket. This amazing blanket lulls you to sleep with the feeling of being hugged all night long, helping to relieve stress and anxiety allowing you to get the full nights rest you deserve. For students of all ages getting the right amount of sleep is at the top of the list of importance. And with Rocabi they can all get that well needed, and deserved rest. 

My daughter has been using her weighted blanket for several months now and won't sleep without it. She even takes it to her friends house on sleepovers. She's become that attached to it, and how it helps her sleep. My husband and I also have weighted blankets and love them too! It's something you won't want to give up once you start using it. If you've been considering purchasing a weighted blanket now is a great time because Rocabi has a great deal on their blanket bundle. It comes with the inner weighted blanket and two covers. A soft minky cover for the cooler months and a breathable cotton cover for the warmer months. And let me tell you having both covers is a must when it's warmer out.

Packbands hold, secure, attach, store, and organize your stuff. They're 100% silicone so they are strong, stretchy, adjustable and reusable. No moving, metal or hooked parts to snag, break or rust because these straps are built to last. They are perfect for keeping everything neat and secure while traveling, say to college. Or for keeping that spare outfit strapped together in the bottom of a messy kiddos locker at school. You can even connect more than one Packband to make them longer for those really big projects. No matter how you use them you'll wish you had more because they work so well and for so many things!

And what would back to school shopping be without some great products from Crayola! The Take Note! line from Crayola is both fun and functional. Up first are three different highlighter sets that are perfect for tweens on up.

Take Note! Erasable Highlighters, 6 Count (available in standard or pastel colors): Highlight and erase in 6 vibrant colors—without damaging books or documents. Highlighters have bright colors on one end, with clear ink tips on the other end for magically erasing the colorful highlights. No more worrying about highlighting the wrong word or over-highlighting a page!

Take Note! Dual Tip Highlighter Pens, 6 Count: Features 6 Double Ended Highlighter Pens, each with a highlighter on one end and marker pen on the other. Perfect for highlighting and underlining as well as note taking and bullet journaling.

Make a statement and make it last with Take Note! Permanent Markers in vibrant colors that you can use just about anywhere. Say it like you mean it on coated paper, photos, clothes or canvas sneakers – they even work on metal, plastic, wood or glass! The versatile tip of these markers, their quick dry technology and comfort grip, make them ideal for a variety detailed art projects. Available in 8, 12, and 24 count the color combinations are endless!

And last but definitely not least from the Take Note! line are their super handy Dry-Erase Markers. Crayola Take Note Dry-Erase Markers are quick to dry but easy to erase! Vibrant colors are great for bold messages on most white boards. Available in both chisel tip and fine line you'll be writing and coloring with the beautiful new colors from the Take Note! line. The handy Ink Level Indicator on the side of each pen alerts you to when you're running low on ink letting you know it's time to stock up again. Whether you're trying to perfect your writing skills, doodling to pass the time, or leaving a note for a roommate you'll be doing it in style with these Take Note! Dry Erase Markers.

For those kiddos that will be riding their bikes to school the Wordlock Bendm Cable Lock is the perfect way to keep them safe while they're inside for the day. Sometimes it's easier to remember a word rather than a four number combination and the Wordlock Bendm Cable Lock knows it. Create your four letter word with ease and never worry about number combinations again. The flexible cable makes it super easy to wrap around your bike tire and a bike rack without a struggle.

Make brushing exciting when you pair your kids' favorite characters with a kid sized ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush™.  These fun designs were created with children in mind and the brushes feature smaller, soft-bristle power heads that fit smaller mouths. Kids who used a Spinbrush even brushed for 38% longer than when they used a manual toothbrush, so it’s an ideal gift to keep your child paying attention to their brushing long enough to make sure treats don’t leave a mark! Available in a wide selection of characters there's sure to be one your kiddo will love!

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