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Summer is officially HERE!

I tell you I've been waiting for summer to arrive for what feels like months, and I think it is finally here! I guess Mother Nature was just waiting for the official "first day of summer" to bring out the plentiful sunshine. And boy am I glad it's finally arrived. I have to tell you I'm so "OVER" the rain and gloom in our area and ready to enjoy the plentiful sunshine I'm seeing out my window. And in true summer style I kicked off that sunshine by getting outside and doing some well needed yard work. If you've ever tried to work in the yard when it's raining you know that's no fun. It's much better with a little added sunshine! And these new yard tools I've been just itching to test out!

The Centurion Lopper, Hedge Shears, and Bypass Pruner 3-Piece Set is the perfect set for yard and garden work. The lopper features fully hardened, precision-ground steel blades that stay sharp. This helps the blades glide through 1-1/2" wood without a problem. The hedge shears have heavy hardened carbon steel blades that stay sharp, a wavy blade design, which grips branches for clean cutting. The Bypass pruner cuts branches up to 5/8-inch in diameter, has hardened high carbon steel blades, and comfortable handle grips.

Let me tell you I've been really putting these new tools to work since the rain has stopped. I've been trimming branches and cutting tree sprouts and weeds from where they don't belong. And I have to say I'm loving them all. The handle grips on the larger two are definitely well appreciated when you're doing a lot of cutting. And the small pruner is great for those little sprouts, it's super easy to use one handed too leaving your other hand free to hold stuff out of your way.

Centurion has a vast selection of yard and garden tools that are perfect for any level of outdoor work you need to do. From prunners, loppers, and trimming tools to gloves, watering accessories, and garden tools they have it all. I've actually got my eye on their Multi-Purpose 3-in-1 Garden Bench to save me from all of the crouching down and kneeling on my knees. Let me tell you gardening can be really painful without the proper tools!

Something else I was really happy I had with the sunshine beaming down was some stylish new hats from Bahadu. I used to think my husband was crazy wearing a hat all of the time, but he swore they were so useful. I even tried wearing a few of his but they just weren't comfortable, and let's be honest they didn't do anything positive for my wardrobe either. But now that I have a few of my own that were made just for ladies like myself I can see why he does.

The Three "F's" of Bahadu Hats:

Fit: Because one size does not fit all, Bahadu Hats, come in 3 sizes and feature an adjustable strap to provide an even better fit.

Fashion: Bahadu's classic styles and variety of colors and fabrics are designed to fit into your wardrobe to create a complete and polished look.

Function: A Bahadu Hat helps you save time, limits the amount of heat damage to your hair and provides protection from the sun.

It all starts with a good fit. And from there you add in fashion and function. For me I like to wear a hat to block the sun from my face when working outdoors as well as keep my hair pulled back and up off my neck. Or when I'm running late and don't have time to do my hair I like to pull it back in a ponytail and pull on a hat for some added fashion. Whether you choose a hat from the classic, signature or athletic line I'm positive you're going to be happy with any hat from Bahadu. I know I was really impressed with the ones I received. I've worn them several times now both out doing yard work and just out and about doing errands. They are super comfortable, and because they were made for ladies they fit and look good too. My husband even told me I looked "cute" when I was wearing one.

Of course fashion doesn't mean the same thing for all people. If you're my husband fashion would mean throwing on his favorite Patriots gear. And posing would look a little something like this. ⬆ I'm sure I will hear about using this photo, but that's what he gets for messing around while I'm trying to work. In this photo it's a mix of a little bit of something old and a little bit of something new. He's had the same few Patriots shirts for as long as I can remember. He says they are "comfortable". I say they are "old". But he's the one that wears them not me. I can smile at least a little though because thanks to FOCO he has some fresh new shorts, sunglasses and sandals to offset those "comfortable" standbys.

FOCO is a leading manufacturer of sports and entertainment merchandise, with a product line that includes apparel, accessories, toys, collectibles, novelty items, and more. I like shopping their website because I can find trendy things to satisfy my husband's love of the Patriots football team. They have fun collectibles as well as things he can actually utilize like his new apparel. When I asked him how he felt wearing his new gear he said "Admit it, I look good don't I?" in his joking voice. Followed by "I think I've just found my new favorite shorts and sandals." Their foam sport slide on sandals have an amazingly soft foot-bed that feels really good to walk on. Shh, don't tell him I tried them on and wore them an entire day! I will admit he did look pretty good wearing his new, and fresh Pats gear. Now to find something for myself so I can look good along side him!

And last but definitely not least for this round-up of "All Things Summer" I wanted to share with you a few of our new favorite summer snacks.

First up is Mozaics Popped Veggie and Potato Chips. I will be 100% honest I was a little nervous trying these after having read what was they were made of. You know those good for your things like peas! But having now tried them I am here to say...I LOVE THEM! Not only do I love them, my whole family does. My teenage son actually asked me after he tried them what they were made of, and still asked for more! Music to this mammas ears. I would definitely rather him eat these than most any other potato chip on the market.

Mozaics Popped Veggie and Potato Chips - Crafted with simple, clean ingredients you can easily spot such as, green peas, yellow peas, potatoes and black beans. These delicious little triangles contain 4g of protein, 4g of fiber and 0g of sugar per serving. Flavors include Sea Salt, BBQ, Salsa, Cheddar and Sour Cream and Onion.

Next up is Handfulls Crrrunchbites. I don't really know how to describe these other than a crunchy explosion of flavor. Even if you're not a fan of almonds I highly recommend you give these I try. I'm not a fan of plain ones, but these are amazing. The BBQ is my top favorite followed close by the nacho. Of course my husband said his favorite was the chili lime because it was a little spicy. But honestly they were all good.

Handfulls Crrrunchbites -  Reinventing the beer nut with Crrrunchbites (think a nut wrapped in a chip). A trend forward snack in six distinctive flavors, including BBQ, honey mustard, nacho ranch, chili lime and sea salt.

And finally Fusions by Handfulls. Fusions are a fun twist to traditional trail mix. Starting off with their signature Crrrunchbites followed by some of your other favorite nuts and fruit bits your sure to find a flavor combination you love. Once again the BBQ blend was my favorite. It reminded me of eating BBQ chips, but without the guilt!

Fusions by Handfulls - An innovative trail mix that offers the ideal blend of sweet and savory ingredients and a generous blend of California almonds wrapped in a lightly seasoned chip. Fusions addicting flavors include Denali Mountain Mix, Fusions Cabo Catamaram Crunch, Fusions Hill Country BBQ Blend, Bangkok Backpack Blend and Lakeshore Trail Mix.

No matter which snack you choose these are all great choices for at home or on the go this summer.

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