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Maximus Camera Floodlight - Keeping your family safe!

We live in a rural area so there's not a lot of lighting or traffic around our house. Which can be both good and bad. We love the quite area and the country charm, but sometimes that makes us a target too because there's not much for lighting out here at night. And there's not many neighbors close to watch over our house while we are away. That's what lead me to the Maximus Camera Floodlight. I wanted to be able to see who was outside of our house when we were away, and have the extra lighting at night. The lighting part is wonderful because as soon as we pull in the driveway it turns on the floodlight providing us with a well lit area to see when walking from the car to the house. It's also nice because if anyone comes in the detection area at night it will turn on not only getting their attention, but also letting us know via the KUNA app. And now that' I've mentioned the KUNA app I'll tell you a bit about it. The KUNA app is what you use on your phone to receive notifications that the camera has been triggered by motion. Yes this can be the motion of a person or vehicle, but it can also be an animal or strong winds blowing leaves (this actually just happened to me today). The app has a ton of great features that allow you to adjust motion detection and more. There are features that come standard with the app or you can purchase a premium subscription for even more control over your camera settings. You can check them all out below.

KUNA Premium:
• Kuna AI - Person/Car Detection, Areas of Interest, and more.
• Extended Look Back - Get 7, 14, or 30 Days of Event Look Back based on your plan.
• Unlimited Downloads - Keep all the video footage you want with Unlimited Downloads.
• Future Discounts - Cover every angle of your house with security and save (not valid with other offers).
• Theft Protection - Stolen devices will be deactivated, and we’ll replace them free of charge.
• Cancel Anytime - Even if you paid annually, cancel anytime and get back the remaining balance.

Without Premium You'll Always Get:
• 24/7 HD Video Live Feed
• Two-Way Talk
• Pre-Recorded Messages
• Classic Smart Detection
• 2-Hour Event Look Back
• 3 Downloads/Month
• In-App Sound alarm
• Quick 9-1-1 Access
• Light Controls
• Manual Record
• Automated Greetings
• Animated Event Thumbnails

My trial of premium recently ran out so right now I'm testing out how it is to just have the standard features before I decide how I want to proceed. I've actually been looking into getting one of the really nice Smart Security Lights from Maximus for our front door too so that added discount from premium would be nice.

Now that you know everything about KUNA app I'll fill you in a bit more on the camera and floodlight itself. The Maximus Camera Floodlight is so much more than just an average floodlight or motion detection camera it's an all in one unit that works together to provide you with clear live video coverage of your property and anyone or anything that may be on it (within the field of view of course). It was super easy to install by removing our old porch light and using the existing wiring that was already there. No need to rewire or anything! We really put this unit to test when we went on vacation a few weeks ago and let me tell you I LOVED it. I got a notification on my phone every time I had a delivery or someone else came to our house. I was even able to talk to my mom when she stopped in to feed our animals and tell her how things were going. It was really neat! The best part was probably the video footage I caught though of our USPS driver trying to back down our driveway and almost going over a hill. He did eventually make it out of the drive okay, but for us it was fun to be able to witness the whole thing hundreds of miles away from home. You can check out the full list of features below.

Camera/Floodlight Features:
• 1080p HD camera
• 155° field of view
• 70 ft/270° smart motion detection range
• Dimmable LED panels with up to 2400 lumens
• 5000K brightness evenly distribute the light at night, clear as day
• Easy installation, and can be mounted on the wall or on the eave
• 2-way talk - Talk to people at your front door from anywhere.
• Play pre-recorded messages, sound a 100dB siren alarm, or call 911.
• Automated lighting controls - Set your lights to turn on and off on your schedule, automatically at dawn/dusk or with motion activation.
• Smart Detection - Tells you if the source of motion is a person or a car and how many are in view.
• Set different Areas of Interest for people and vehicles. So you only get notifications of what matters to you most.

You can find this and other great camera/lighting options on the Maximus website.

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