Stacy Talks & Reviews: Stop Muddy Paw Prints in their Tracks with the Dog Paw Cleaner

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Stop Muddy Paw Prints in their Tracks with the Dog Paw Cleaner

If you're tired of muddy paw prints every time your pet goes outside after it rains then you'll love learning about the Dog Paw Cleaner from KISSIN. It's actually a really simple yet very helpful gadget to have around. You start by adding a small amount of water to the cleaner cup, then insert your dog's paws into the cup one by one. While turning the cup around on each paw the silicone bristles remove that unwanted dirt and grim before it gets tracked all over your floors. Once the paw is cleaned you can then wipe it off with the included towel to dry it before moving on to the next one.

Once your done be sure to dump out the dirty water inside the dog paw cleaner cup, disassemble and rinse, then allow to air dry before putting back together for the next use. The paw cleaner cup is small enough you can even take it with you on the go making it super handy if your pup gets dirty paws at the park and you don't want them tracking mud in your car.

For reference our pup Java is around 60lbs and her paw fit in the cup very easily. And to my surprise she didn't seem to mind at all as I had it sit and wait while I cleaned off each paw. The whole process is quite easy and only took a few minutes of my time. Probably less time than it would have taken me to find and clean all the muddy paw prints off our hardwood floors!

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