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More Great Gifts for Mom & Dad!

Still looking for a gift for mom for Mother's Day this weekend? Or maybe you're all set for mom and have moved on to finding that perfect fit for dad. Either way I have some more great gift ideas for you to enjoy!

First up is an awesome line-up of shavers from Vivitar. I mean let's face it, it's something most moms and dads use quite often. Unless of course dad has a beard he doesn't ever cut off. Other than that it's just a fact of life we all have to contend with. So why not do it in style with a class looking shaver from the Vivitar line? Vivitar shavers come equipped with quality parts and are even pretty sleek looking with some nice splashes of color making them a little more fashionable. I for one have been enjoying using my new Vivitar Lady's Flex Shaver. Not only does it cut well it has a flex head I can adjust allowing me to easily reach everywhere I need to without stretching! My husband on the other hand took the Vivitar Aqua Foil Shaver to work with him to keep in his locker for those days he's running behind and doesn't have time to shave before heading out the door. It's compact so it doesn't take up much space and it has a a long lasting charge so he doesn't have to worry about it dying on him after just a few quick uses.

These are just a few of the products in their personal care category of shavers that you can choose from. Selection my vary buy location but you can find them at your local Walmart or Target store, or if mom/dad happens to live out of town you can ship directly to them from Amazon.

I'm sure by now you've heard at least something about Hemp Extract Oil or CBD Oil. If not, or if you still have some questions you can find some basic information over on the Root Bioscience website. Which leads me to my next gift idea. Why not gift mom/dad something that could help them have a more enjoyable everyday life? Hemp Extract Tinctures with CBD from Root Bioscience contain cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids extracted from full spectrum industrial hemp that may assist with pain relief, anxiety, inflammation, sleep, and acne. Now wouldn't it be great to say you helped mom/dad with their everyday aches and pains? Or helped them get a better nights rest? I for one know I would love to take away any/all of my parents aliments if I could.

Also available from the line up is Root Bioscience’s Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Salve. It's all natural and can also assist with pain relief, inflammation and minor skin irritation, and it’s offered in 1000mg and 2000mg doses. Sweet Hibiscus Lip Balm joins the lineup of Root Bioscience’s lip balm flavors, including açaí blackberry and vanilla, and features its full spectrum hemp extract with an infusion of moisturizing oils, butters and vitamin E.

I've been using their Sweet Hibiscus Lip Balm since it arrived and boy do I love how soft and smooth my lips are! I put it on every night before bed, and no more waking up with cracked lips for this lady. I've also been using their Hemp Extract Tincture for around a week now and I honestly think it's helping with the knee pain I had been having most mornings when getting out of bed. I'm no doctor, but if it started getting better after I'd been taking it a few days it seems to me like that's what's helping right? Either way I'm going to keep on enjoying the benefits as they come!

The FLATEYE UNROUND Flashlight is the perfect gift for any dad that likes to show off by having the latest tools and gadgets. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and tactical polymer engineered this light is built for superior durability. It's even waterproof up to 3.2 ft. and shockproof from a drop up to 9.8 ft. making it perfect for all sorts of conditions. And just in case you're asking what's so special about this flashlight versus others on the market, well that's where the unround part comes in. Have you ever had your flashlight roll away when you sat it down? Then you know how frustrating that can be. With the "unround" flashlight you'll never have that happen again. Because this flashlight was purposely made with an unround design. Not just to keep it from rolling away, but also to provide you with a more comfortable grip. And I'm here to tell you this flashlight definitely is much easier to hold on to. And it fits really nice in a pocket too because it's so compact.

Available in your choice of 5 models ranging from 310 Lumens to 2100 Lumens, all with high, medium and low settings. Shown above is the 1000 lumens light on high, medium, and low settings. And let me tell you when it's on high this puppy sure puts off some light!

Maybe a gift that's sweet for the soul and healthy for the body is right up your alley? Gutsii is the new sexy swiss chocolate that is putting the funk in funktional foods. Packed with prebiotics and an excellent source of dietary fiber for a healthy gut. Made with only 6 natural ingredients that are vegan, gluten free, low or no sugar, low carb and keto friendly. Perfect for anyone that enjoys the sweet taste of chocolate, but still wants to keep their body health in check.

Inspired and named after some of the worlds greatest musicians; Raspberry Rhapsody, Pinksalt Floyd Rocks and Mint Puffdaddii. Janine Zappini certified health coach and founder of Gutsii is all about the businesses for good and making it count! For every Gutsii purchase, they contribute to B1G1: a global initiative that connects businesses with worthy causes. It's the gift that gives twice!

Of course if chocolate isn't your thing but you still want a unique gift that probably no one has seen then you might want to consider Strip Straps. What are Strip Straps you ask? They are ankle straps that turn ordinary flip flops into adventure taking sandals! Strip-Straps create heel and ankle support comparable to popular sandal and water shoe brands, but at a fraction of the price.

Strip Straps are super easy to connect to any pair of flip flops in a matter of minutes...literally. I was a little skeptical at first, but I have to say after trying them out I'm sold. These things actually work. Each set of straps even comes in a cute carrying bag making them perfect for taking on the go to use at a moments notice. And they come in shorts and mids so they will fit any size flip flop making them perfect for moms and dads!

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