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For the love of cats!

If you know anything about my family you know that we love cats. My kids have had at least one cat in theirs since they were born. And I've had a cat in my life since I was a kid myself. There's just something about the way a cat makes you feel calm inside that I really enjoy. So I guess it's only natural that our love for cats has overflowed into our every day lives too. From home decor to books about cats and everything in between you'll probably find it in our house. Starting with this beautiful 2 Cats Metal Sign from Metal Unlimited. The sign is cut from steel and specially coated to protect against the elements, so it can be used both indoors or outdoors! My daughter actually claimed "dibs" on this one as soon as I pulled it out of the box. It's two cats staring lovingly at each other. I think it's very fitting because it reminds me of the two of us, mother and daughter.

Metal Unlimited has a wide selection of stock metal and wood signs as well as customizable signs.

Another fun addition to our cat themed collection is this Cats in Origami book.

In the origami world, cats were traditionally under-represented, and the few existing models were rather flat and lifeless. But thanks to modern folding techniques, it's possible to recapture the true charm of our feline companions. This book for origamists of all skill levels offers 20 original designs that range from a grinning Cheshire cat and a snoozing feline to a walking cat, a seated cat, a Halloween cat, and the smug cat that got the cream, as well as cats on an envelope, a bookmark, a greeting card, and other figures.

Along with step-by-step directions and diagrams, each model features a full-color image of the finished cat. Projects are rated according to difficulty, and a brief introductory chapter explains folding techniques and suggestions for how to choose the most appropriate origami paper. These cute kitties, in addition to being fun to fold, make great little gifts for cat-fanciers.

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