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A good nights rest thanks to Dr. Hart's Weighted Blanket

Thanks to her new weighted blanket my daughter is sleeping peacefully at night, every night. Before her blanket arrived my daughter struggled sleeping all night without waking up at least once, if not more through out the night. Some mornings I would find her under a mound of blankets and stuffed animals just trying to make herself comfortable enough to sleep. She said having them on top of her made her feel more secure. But thankfully we struggle no more since her Dr. Hart's Weighted Blanket arrived. Now she sleeps all night long and wakes up feeling better too. She said it's like being hugged all night while she's asleep. I would say you could call it a teenager approved "security blanket".

What is a weighted blanket?
Known in the medical community as Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, the gentle pressure from weighted blankets targets pivotal pressure points that induce feelings of calm and safety, allowing you to relax and feel less stressed. Much like an excellent massage, the blankets promote a sense of peace and well-being, making you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

I've been using a weighted blanket at night myself for some time now and I do agree with my daughter. It is like a hug that holds you tight all night long. It's there when you first lay down under then blanket, and it's still there when you wake up. And honestly it's just a nice secure feeling. It's helped me quite a bit too in making it all night without waking up multiple times and relieving much of my anxiety.

Read on to learn a little more about this amazing blanket:

Who can use this product?
Dr. Hart’s™ weighted blankets are perfect for anyone seeking natural and practical solutions to relieve stress and improve their sleeping habits. However, many people love these blankets simply because they feel great. They are ideal for cozying up on the couch for a blissful nap or relaxing at the end of  a long day.

What makes Dr. Hart’s™ weighted blankets different?
Luxurious, cozy, and ultra-comfortable, Dr. Hart’s™ is the only brand to scientifically engineer a weighted blanket to reduce stress and promote deeper sleep, integrating the latest science on Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation therapy and its proven ability to improve sleep with premium-grade, super luxurious materials.

Dr. Hart’s™ is the only weighted blanket developed by a practicing medical doctor, neurologist Dr. Karen Hart. Based on a lifetime of experience treating patients with serious sleep disorders, Dr. Hart designed the first weighted blanket that works for everyone!

Dr. Hart's Weighted Blanket is available in three weights making it perfect for people of all ages. It even includes a micro-plush cover that's super soft and machine washable.
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