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Pet nail-care made easy with a Pet Nail Grinder

Part of having a pet and taking care of them involves clipping their nails. Some don't like to do it themselves so they choose to use a pet groomer. While others like myself like to save the money by doing it at home. I've always clipped our cats nails with no problems. Our dog on the other-hand isn't quiet as cooperative when it comes to using clippers. I think it stems back to when my son tried to clip her once and accidentally cut the nail back too far. So now every time she sees the clippers she hides. That's why I decided to give a pet nail grinder a try. I found a set on Amazon that even came with a pair of clippers and a nail file. To top it off it's even rechargeable so I don't even have to worry about batteries.

With a pet nail grinder you have a little more control over how much nail comes off and there's not as much worry about going back too far like with using clippers. I've found that Java doesn't even seem to mind me doing it when she's resting which is nice. The grinder has low noise even during use so she doesn't really pay much attention to what I'm doing. And before long I'm done and she's all freshly manicured right at home! No fuss and no outrageous pet groomer bill for the trim.

Super Strong Quiet Motor - Dog Nail Grinder uses a brass bearing motor. Has the characteristics of low power, fast rotation (7500prm), low noise, and low vibration. During operation, the decibel of noise is > 60 so that your pet will not be afraid to trim nails.

Powerful Grinding Wheel - pet nail grinder wheel is made of emery can quickly and safely trim your pet's nails. It's safer and more effective than dog nail clippers and helps to reduce your pet's fear of trimming toenails.

USB Charging - dog nail trimmer is equipped with 600mA Ni-MH battery, and is charged by USB. After the battery is fully charged, it will automatically cut off power. With a charge of 3-4 hours it can last for use 3 hours or more.

Three Size Ports - There are three size openings in the grinder area; you can use depending on your pet's nail size. The small and medium openings are for small and medium sized pets. For larger pets, the entire cover can be removed to expose the entire bit to easily trim large nails.

Easy To Clean - This pet nail grinder is easy to clean. You can use a clean brush to clean the dirt around the head of dog nail grinder.
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