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AdaptiFIT™ Swaddle Blanket

When you have your first child you will probably go out of your way like we did to do everything you can to take the best care of them. And that care includes making sure they are safe at all times. Although some everyday products on the market may seem safe there can still be potential risks. For instance your average swaddling blanket may seem pretty darn safe. When in fact it's possible for them to come "untucked" so to speak as babies move in their sleep and possibly cover their faces. And as I'm sure you know this can be a safety issue if they aren't able to breath properly. That's one of the reasons I was so excited when I heard about the AdaptiFIT™ swaddle blanket. The other reason is that it's genius design finally makes swaddling a no-brainier! The AdaptiFIT™ by SnuggleBumpkinz is a self-stick baby swaddle blanket that takes the guesswork out of traditional swaddling. It features a unique “press & stay” design – strong hold so baby doesn’t break out of the swaddle and possibly cause the blanket to cover their face. The inner cotton layer helps to keep baby cool and helps prevent overheating. It even adapts to your growing baby with arms out and legs out options. As well as the option to use it as a standard blanket when they are older. Definitely a blanket with lots of possibilities!

The AdaptiFIT easy swaddle is not just a swaddle device. It has dozens of uses from helping baby sleep, to helping to keep them clean during feeding, it is even a convenient nursing cover. Unlike nearly all other easy swaddles available, it is NOT a sleep sack, instead it is a unique self adhesive blanket, easier to wrap than a traditional swaddle blanket, but more adjustable than any other easy swaddle on the market today.

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