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Ready to go Hunting & Fishing in the cold?

As I've mentioned a few times before we are a household of hunters and fishers. My husband grew up in New Hampshire and was hunting bear and moose with his grandfather before many probably even saw their first hunting rifle. I know living in Indiana in the city that's definitely the case for me. But after meeting him and moving out to the country it's a whole different story. Over the years I've learned quite a bit from my husband...and even my teenage son about hunting and fishing. The first being you need to be prepared before leaving the house. Being winter I thought now would be the perfect time to go over a few essentials to help you stay warm when hunting or fishing in the great outdoors.

First up are these Hunt socks from Darn Tough Vermont. They immediately caught my eye because they are manufactured in Vermont. Where people know what real cold winters feel like! They choose to do their manufacturing where they started because they believe their "backyard" is the perfect testing ground to make the finest Premium All Weather Performance Socks. And as a consumer I'm sure glad because the quality of their socks shows that's it's definitely worth it. These aren't your average, every day socks. Featuring Merino wool with fine gauge knitting, fast action wicking to pull moisture away from your skin for fast drying, and all weather performance making them cool in the summer and warm in the winter these socks are the perfect go to year round. Oh and did I mention they are pretty comfortable to wear too?

And while we are on the top of feet. Sometimes when your hunting (or even fishing) you can end up doing ALOT of walking. And again you have to be prepared for this. Trust me, I've been there and sore feet are not fun. That's why these HUNT insoles from SUPERfeet are a must have. Their unique shape cradles your heels to minimize friction and reduce hot spots and blisters. The felted merino wool provides naturally thermo-regulating protection to keep your feet warm and comfortable for hours in the cold. And a very beneficial bonus with these is the Scentlok Technology that provides long-lasting odor control to keep you hidden from prey. SUPERfeet insoles keep their shape, delivering reliable support and comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first.

My husband and I both got a pair of them and we are both pretty happy with them so far. They may not seem like much just looking at them, but let me tell you, you CAN feel the difference when walking long distances with them in your boots.

Of course it's not all about your feet. There's so much more to being prepared. You know like having a hot beverage to sip when you do get cold. Since we all have different beverage preferences these Nescafe 3-in-1 Latte and Coffee Sticks are a great choice for us. We can take along a thermos of hot water and then each have the beverage we choose to warm up with. The one thing I really like besides how portable these are is that they mix quite easily in hot water. No need for a hand held blender or shaker bottle. Just your everyday average spoon, or straw if you're my daughter. She prefers to drink hers through a straw so that's what she uses to mix it. I say whatever makes her happy! Of the flavors I received and tried myself I am a fan favorite of the caramel latte. It has a smooth caramel flavor that's not overbearing or too sweet. My husband on the other-hand would say that the original coffee is just as good...not sure I would agree. But hey everyone has their own set of taste buds right? As long as we are all happily sipping our hot beverages and warming up it's all good!

And last but definitely not least for this round-up is this Portable PowerOutlet from myCharge. Let me tell you this thing is a powerhouse when it comes to it's charging capabilities! Featuring both USB and AC power ports you can charge everything from electronics to a small appliances all the way up to a 32" TV or laptop! No more worries of a dead cell phone after being out in the woods all day. Or a dead lantern leaving you literally in the dark back at your campsite after a long day of fishing. Heck you could even power a small portable heater to thaw out your hands/feet! This charging station is the perfect solution, and it's actually fairly small and lightweight making it very portable. I've got this one charged up and am keeping it in my car for the winter in between using it for outings. It's a great all around back up battery source that anyone could use!

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