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Never oversleep again with the Sonic Blast from Sonic Alert

My son has trouble waking up to his alarm clock in the mornings for work. Heck he had trouble most of the time he was in high school even. He would sleep through an alarm that was so loud I could hear it up two sets of steps to my bedroom. So as a mom I've always kept my eye open for something that might help him since he will be moving out on his own before long and need to get himself up every morning without my help. So you can probably imagine how excited I was when I was introduced to the Sonic Alert Sonic Blast Alarm Clock and the possibility of finally finding that "one thing" that helped get him out of bed.

The Sonic Blast isn't your average every day alarm clock. What makes it so special? The speaker on the clock is a super loud speaker that also features a bright flashing light and optional Sonic Bomb bed shaker. This was the part that really peaked my interest. Something out of the ordinary that would get his attention in the mornings. By plugging in the Sonic Blast Bed Shaker it syncs to the alarm clock and begins to shake while the alarm clock is playing it's designated sound. It's the perfect solution for those individuals that have trouble waking up to a standard alarm clock. It also has features like built in Bluetooth capabilities so you can fall asleep or wake to your own music. A nightlight, projection clock, recordable alarm, and USB port for charging your devices.

I plugged the alarm clock in on my son's night stand and then plugged the Sonic Blast into the port on the back. I then slipped it under my son's mattress without him knowing it. He thought it was just a loud alarm clock to test out. Then I stood in the doorway of his bedroom the next morning and watched while I waited for the alarm to go off and bed to start shaking. I will admit it was a little funny watching him pop up wondering what the heck was going on. But it DID work and he DID get up all on his own. Finally something besides mom coming into his room every morning that he can rely on!

This alarm clock has definitely been a blessing the last few weeks he's been using it. Now I can focus on getting my daughter up and ready for school and not have to stop what I'm doing every morning and run down to his room and make sure he's getting up for work.

The Sonic Alarm website has a wide selection of alarm clocks and Sonic Shakers to choose from. They have everything thing for at home as well as for travel making it convenient to take a Sonic Alarm with you when staying someplace away from home.

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