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Mad Dash Mixes Makes Mealtime Prep FAST and Easy!

If you're like pretty much all the rest of us out there then you have a pretty full schedule. And some days that leaves little to no time to prepare a meal for your family. Thankfully there are places out there that recognize this problem and want to help us busy moms out. One of them is Mad Dash Mixes.

Mad Dash Mixes makes it easy to prepare a dinner for the whole family in less than an hour. Each meal is delivered in a small bag containing all of the seasonings and mixing ingredients; all that's left is to add a few more ingredients (the fresh ones like milk, cheese, etc) to the recipe, and it's complete!

I had the pleasure of trying out a few of the mixes from Mad Dash Mixes and have to say I enjoyed them. One of them I tried was their Broccoli Cheese Soup. All I had to add was water, milk, and cheese. The package called for Velveeta but I opted to use real cheddar cheese instead. And for the milk part I used my unsweetened almond milk. I also opted to add some extra fresh broccoli to the mix because we really like our soups packed full of veggies. That's the nice part about their mixes, they are so versatile that you can use them as is, or make changes as you see fit. Being low-carb I'm able to utilize some of their mixes with a few changes here and there as needed and I love it. It's nice having all of the basics already in the packet ready for me to just add the fresh ingredients to.

Mad Dash Mixes has crafted mixes for 14 dishes that range from classic soups like Cheddar Potato Soup ($6), Creamy Corn Chowder ($6) and Broccoli Cheese ($6), to delicious favorites like Cajun Jambalaya ($6), Red Beans and Rice ($6) and Chili ($6). Six of the recipes they offer as meals are gluten-friendly as well! Each of these mixes yields a serving size of 6, making it the perfect choice for a family on the go.

If people are looking for something that covers all three servings in one meal, they could try one of the Mad Dash Meals ($17). One Mad Dash Meal includes the mix of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert!

Every mix can be found on their website at, or in various stores across the U.S.

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