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Valentine's Day Gift Round-Up

Besides candy cut flowers are at the top of many lists for Valentine's Day. I know over the years I've gotten them a few times myself. The only bad part is that they don't last very long and you're left with only the memory of how beautiful they were. That's why I started asking for live plants from my husband instead of cut flowers for holidays. Then I can enjoy them so much longer. A really neat living plant that any gal would love to receive for Valentine's Day is this Classic Red Anthurium. It has heart shaped leaves and it comes in a beautiful red pot, making it perfect for any room of the house. Just Add Ice has a stunning array of unique plants and they are super easy to care too through the ice method. By watering with ice not only does your plant get better absorption it also prevents over watering. Plus it's so much more convenient to drop in a few ice cubes once a week then try to guess how much water to add, or remember when the last time was you did it. And anyone that's received a plant as a gift I'm sure can agree with me when I say "convenience is key".

I'm one of those that's always cold, especially come wintertime. My feet and hands are always like ice no matter how many layers I seem to put on. So getting me a gift from feejays would be a no brainer. Feejays sweatshirts and sweatpants are both warm and comfortable. Their sweatshirts are fully lined with ultra plush sherpa with built-in mitts while their sweatpants just have lined feet. And honestly that's all you need to keep your tootsies warm! And just in case your toes get too warm (not that I would ever have that problem) there's a built-in "escape latch" underneath so you can take your feet out at any time. Only thing I used it for was to slip on a pair of shoes to run out to my car real quick!

Whether I'm just lounging on the couch watching a little television or cuddling up in the recliner with my favorite feline, in a pair of feejays is my favorite way to do it. Feejays are available in a wide variety of styles for both men and women (as well as children) making them a great couples gift too.

Speaking of couples gifts this set from Buhter Up is perfect for any couple on Valentine's Day. Buhter Up offers skin care products for men and women formulated with high quality natural ingredients. Right now they have a couples gift set for Valentine's Day called "For the Love of You". The gift set includes: Two Heart Shaped Goat Milk Soaps (Feminine and Masculine scented),  One Shea Butter Lotion infused with Goat Milk and Honey, two Rose infused bath bombs, a Bath Oil and Two Lip Balms. It's the perfect gift for ending a romantic Valentine's date with a spa night at home!

And when you're finished with that oh so soothing spa night you can both slip into your bottoms from Tani USA. Tani USA's SilkCut lounge shorts and Go Power Leggings are both comfortable and super soft beyond imagine. I'm talking like buttery soft material that's super smooth against your skin. You know the kind that makes you want to just spend your day in them relaxing. That's what these feel like. My husband loves that the shorts are free flowing and not tight on. He likes loose fitting shorts and these are perfect for him. I on the other hand love that the Power Leggings are more fitted, but not so tight they are uncomfortable. I was honestly surprised at how comfortable they were to just lounge around in. Their four-way stretch is definitely an added plus for comfort!

If you're a traditionalist and would rather give the gift of jewelry then let me introduce you to a unique necklace she's probably never seen before and will be sure to love. It's called the "I Love You" Necklace and it's from Miracle Finds. What makes it so special you ask?  Well let me tell you. By using your phone camera or flashlight you can see "I Love you" in 100 languages via the special nanotechnology love stone in the middle.

I bet she's never received a gift like this before making it all the more unique and special. Available in your choice of silver or rose gold this necklace will help you say "I love you" in more ways than you ever thought possible!

Or if you're looking for something unique then maybe a gift or two from Finders Key Purse®. Their gifts are the kind us ladies probably made reference to at least once or twice but never knew existed. Their signature product is just what their name suggests a Finders Key Purse®. What does it do you ask? It keeps our keys from falling to the bottom of our purses making them impossible to find among all of our other necessities. With the Finders Key Purse® our keys can hang conveniently on the edge of our purse (or other bag) making them super easy to "find". All while adding a little bonus decor at the same time. Perfect for those gals that like to show off the love of things like cats, ladybugs, etc. Their other awesome product that I really love when going out to eat is the Hang'em High® Foldable Purse Hanger. It's a fashionable "hook" so to speak that you can use to hang your purse from any flat surface keeping it off the ground. I love being able to hang my purse under the table beside me instead of on the back of my chair where I don't feel like it's safe. When not in use it curls up into a small circle and can be kept inside your purse for use anywhere.

Speaking of nontraditional. How about outfitting that special someone with some fashionable (and affordable) glasses. I know for me I love to coordinate my glasses with my outfits when I can. And thankfully I don't have a crazy prescription so I can use standard readers and bifocals. Which means I can affordably have multiple pair to do that with. And thanks to the folks over at I even have a super cute red pair to wear when my husband and I go out on our Valentine's Day lunch date. has a wide selection of non-prescription reading glasses perfect for anyone who may require a little extra assistance when reading. With hard-to-find powers ranging from +1.00 to +7.00 and a selection of styles for every occasion - ranging from bifocals to sunglass readers to computer readers and more - this may be just the gift you're looking for.

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