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Get a deep down clean with the Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System

With a house full of hardwood floors I feel like everyday sweeping and mopping just isn't enough. And after using my new Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System I confirmed my suspicions. My floor was still filled will dirt and grime. Steam cleaning can get into areas that no other cleaning tools can get into and using the Luna Plus is the perfect way to do it. It's super easy to use by just adding water to the unit. That' water is then turned into steam which deep cleans like magic. No harsh chemicals are used so it's safe to use on pretty much any surface too. So far I've only used it on my hardwood floors, but I plan to do lots of other places as I have time to work on my deep cleaning. This mamma isn't waiting until spring to clean!

The Luna Plus is the first steam cleaning system of its kind combining sonic micro pulse vibration technology and 3 levels of adjustable steam control with illumination from a powerful LED light source. What’s more, it not only cleans, it also sanitizes, killing 99.99% of all bacteria.  This is a big plus for the person who is into health and wellness. With the various attachments, it can clean virtually any surface. Countertops, floor, drawers, bathrooms, kitchen fixtures, everything. And it uses no chemicals, so it’s environmentally friendly. The Luna Plus shoulder strap makes the unit portable making cleaning normally hard to reach places easy too!

• Luna Plus has 3 levels of steam control combined with Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration.
• Micro Pulse Technology assists mop across the floor and breaks up dirt and grime with over 90 vibrations per second.
• LED Headlight illuminates the cleaning path and highlights areas that need cleaning, allowing you to clean with more confidence.
• Lighted Control Panel easily accessible soft touch control panel initiates all of the unit’s functions including power, vibration, LED lights and steam levels.
• Large 6” x 13” cleaning surface uses a heavy duty eco microfiber pad that is washable, reusable and attaches easily.
• Luna Plus unit includes carpet glider kit, 2 washable Eco Microfiber cleaning pads, a custom fill cup, 12 piece accessory kit and a storage bag with a cleaning steaming head, window squeegee, eco microfiber pad, 4 nylon brushes, 2 brass brushes, concentrator nozzle, extension hose and a shoulder strap.
• Unit stands upright on its own.
• 12 piece above floor accessory kit.
• Energy saving power shut-off.

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